Technology & Fashion An Unbeatable Combination

With technology, fashion can become more efficient, have a better experience, waste less and be more sustainable. To innovate the fashion industry and liberate creativity, data-driven scientific management methods must be used. Digital channels have become increasingly prominent in the fashion world over the last few years.  The brand perception was changed and behavior was made more adherent.

Depending on the purpose of each particular technology, it may be used by designers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. Increasingly more technologies will be available over the next few years, which will inevitably lead to a rise in fashion tech.

A famous company Nike using IoT, Algorithms in order or create a brand campaign. The main objective of that campaign was to change consumer perception of Nike in this will help fashion athletes to meet their performance goals.

Fashion brands have been able to showcase their trends to a wider audience thanks to technology. Technology is not only beneficial to brands but also to consumers. Consumers have easier access to fashion products and the process has become more convenient.

Various fashion brands and companies are now using innovative technologies to create new experiences for their customers, including blockchain and virtual reality. I was drawn yesterday to an article at E-Bizinsider (a famous multi-niche site) about how Snapchat is collaborating with fashion designers in order to increase the sense of style among its users using bitmoji outfits

Technology And Fashion Industries Creating Hybrid Products

When the skills of the tech and fashion industries are combined, a new type of product is created that sits between the two.

As part of their collaboration, Levi’s and Google’s Advanced Technology and Products group released a jacket designed for urban cyclists last year. Wearers can control music, volume, answer and block calls, and access navigation information using technology hidden within the weave of the fabric. By concealing the tech aspect of the jacket, it was made wearable and fashionable. The collaboration has great potential, both for extending Levi’s commuter customer base and for moving into other fashion sectors, including formal wear, luxury, and athletic wear.

Buying Things is More Convenient Than Doing So at a Retail Store

It has always been popular to have brick-and-mortar shops but the internet has taken over. If you want your favorite designer shoe, you don’t have to go into a store. Now, purchasing and ordering is as simple as clicking a button.

There is no need to fly from, Pakistan to the USA. You can just buy them online and get them delivered to your doorstep.

In the past, I browsed Pakistan’s leading online retailer, That was a very exciting experience for me. I liked how they incorporated technology into their products.

 As soon as I saw AI filtration on their site, I was amazed to see that you could not only compare prices online but also search for your favorite products with just one click. Now that everything is at your fingertips, you do not have to worry about anything thanks to technology.

In parallel with the increasing influence of technology within the fashion system, we will see a trend of real experiences encouraging community, sensory feeling, emotional connection, and soul. The visceral experience becomes a true novelty in a world where everything is connected to tech. Humans are compelled by a feeling of connectedness to nature, the world, and others around them. The wave of technology is predicted to make a comeback in this sense for a refreshingly technology-free experience.

Jennifer Alex

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