Swimming pool pumps: What are the options?

Swimming pools are a fun addition to any home. Swimming is a leisurely activity that Can be enjoyed by every member of the family including pets. Swimming is also great for fitness, as it is one of the most efficient cardiovascular exercises known to work on pretty much all parts of the body. 

Pool maintenance however is a challenge that many people list as a reason for not having a pool, but this can easily be handled with the right tools. Pool pumps are a key in pool maintenance, and with the right ones, most of your problems are already taken care of.

In this article, you will learn all about pool pumps as well as the options available to help you in selecting what works best for you.

Generally, there are three major pool pump options used – single-speed, two-speed, and variable-speed pumps. All three options have their advantages, as well as disadvantages. 

Find below, a breakdown of all three types, as well as their pros and cons:

Single-speed pool pumps

As the name suggests, a single-speed pool pump pumps water at one constant speed. This pump operates at a constant high speed as long as it is on. Of the three pump options, the single-speed pump is the cheapest. However, in terms of long-term costs, you may end up spending more on its maintenance. This pump is quite efficient in what it does, but as you make a choice on which of the three to buy, it is worth to note that this option can be inefficient in saltwater pools. The flow rate cannot be adjusted, and it is known to consume a lot of energy.

Two-speed pool pumps

Running at two speeds, the two-speed pump can be adjusted between high and low speeds. Two-speed pumps require a separate device such as an automation system to help with adjusting between the two speeds. The good thing about this pump is that when running at low speed, it is more cost-efficient in terms of energy consumption. A con, however, is that the low speed might not always be enough to run the pool vacuum.

Variable speed pumps

Of the three speed pumps, variable speed pumps are considered to be the most intelligent. They can automatically adjust their speed according to the specific pool requirements. Another great thing is that it dramatically saves you energy costs of up to 90%, which is a whopping amount if you ask me. If you can get past the initial high-cost price of this pump, you will have saved yourself lots more in future maintenance costs. The variable pump is also the quietest of all three, and they do the best job at filtering pools of all types, including saltwater pools. 

To conclude, it does not take much to realize that the best of all three options is the variable speed pump. So, if you are able to afford one, it is best to go with this option for the best possible pool maintenance.