Super micro might be one of the biggest IT companies in the world right now but it was not easy for them to get to that point. So just how did it become the huge success it is now? Well, it all kicked off back in the summer of 93 with just 5 people on staff & a man by the name of Charles Liang at the helm. He was joined by his lovely wife, chiu chu liu who also served as the treasurer. They managed to get off to a good start which is how they were able to open a subsidiary in taiwan just 3 years later. He put his brother in charge of running it & while he did give him 31% of the company, he always made sure to own at least half to keep it in his name. By the time 98 rolled around, they had then opened another one in the netherlands so it was clear they were on the right track. As it got into the 2000’s, he was able to start selling off stocks to the highest bidder & this is how he was able to more than $64 mil in revenue that year. By 2009, they had more than a thousand people on staff & made $720 mil selling off servers & other types of cpus. A year later, he opted to expand in Europe as they opened a new center in the heart of amsterdam. 2 years later, he shelled out $99 mil to open a sci tech park in taiwan & this proved to be worth the risk. He later debuted a 2u & 4u platform & as you can imagine it went on to be a big success for them. In 2014, one of their computers made it to the top spot on the green 500 list & they were proud of this. In the fall of 2014, he was able to move their hq to what used to be the hq of mercury news in north san jose. From there on in, it was known as super micro green computing park. They later opted to build a newer facility on campus which came out to be more than 182,000 square feet in total.

They made it into a manfacturing facility & it was built by famed architect warren b held who was known for his modernist style. Later on, they shipped more 30,00 servers to one of those new data centers server in the heart of silicon valley where they had a pue of 1.06. While they do not know which company ordered them, experts believe it was in fact intel. This comes on the heels of them opening a data center back in 2015 with those exact same parameters. In 2017, they finally were able to have their san jose facility meet the gold leed standard. So they were proud to reach that milestone & from there, things only got better for them. In 2021, they finally had enough money to expand their campus to include a new storage center for all of their server equipment. This means they now have more than 2000 people working on their san jose campus & it allows them to ensure they can keep expanding in the future. Of course, there have been a few bumps along the way but they always take it in stride & keep moving forward. Today, as the company approaches its 30th birthday, they are now worth upwards of 3.5 billion as of 2021 & they have more than 10,000 people on staff around the world.