Suggested for Old School RuneScape New Prayer Book

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the recent hype around Old School RuneScape’s new Prayer Book? With the introduction of this new book comes a plethora of new prayers and abilities, but what could they mean for players? In this article, LOLTANK Will be taking a look at the most common themes and suggestions being made by the community, and discuss how these changes could affect the game.

One of the most popular ideas being discussed is the reduction of damage by up to 80-90%, which is in line with an example given by the developers. This would reduce the amount of damage taken when players use overhead prayers, making it a bit easier for PVM or PVP players to survive. Some players have suggested adding a hybrid protection prayer, which would protect from both mage and range but with reduced effectiveness. Others have suggested a timed immunity prayer which would only last for a few ticks, as well as protection prayers that scale with defensive bonuses.

The idea of double overhead prayers sparked a lot of debate, as many players felt that this could reduce skill caps and make it easier for players to tank in PVP. Adding double overhead prayers would also make PVM activities like Inferno too easy, as players could use both mage and range prayers at the same time. The general consensus was that this would not be a good addition to the game.

The idea of rewarding players with an 80-90% damage reduction when they use an overhead prayer also received mixed reactions. Some players felt that this would be a good way to raise the skill cap as it would reduce RNG, while others felt that it would be too powerful and make it too easy to survive. It was suggested that a lower percentage of damage reduction would be more appropriate.

Players have also suggested prayers that modify energy or provide utility mechanics. For example, a prayer that would reduce drain rate or drain prayer instead of energy when running, or a prayer that would protect two osrs items on death but drain the player by 25% of damage taken while active. These prayers could be beneficial to players who focus on skills, while also providing a rewarding mechanic for combat-focused content.


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