Sudhish Koloth Played a Key Role 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the economy and lives of many people.  Here, we would like to feature how Sudhish Koloth played a significant role professionally and personally during this pandemic.

No one might have ever anticipated that the coronavirus could have a significant impact on their lives.  Many front-line workers were risking their lives to protect millions of people. Here, I will tell the story of Sudhish Koloth. He is not a health care professional but an extraordinary software engineer who went above and beyond to support his company and customers to work on pandemic-related projects, think outside the box, and help the community.

One day in September 2020, Sudhish encountered an unforgettable sight. He and his daughter were driving, and they saw some restaurant workers thrashing food. Sudhish asked himself, “Do these restaurants thrash food regularly? He asked a few restaurants, and they did openly say they throw away the food if there are no people to buy or no demand on any particular day.

During this pandemic, Sudhish realized how families are suffering across the globe. Many people find it difficult to feed their families,  and at the same time, we see the amount of such food wastage around the world. Yes, there are charities and food donation programs here and there, but humanity still faces an inherent problem. It is time to put more solutions to fix this problem.  Sudhish felt the need to bridge this gap, and he believed there should be a solution to bridge the gap between food wastage and hunger.

That was when the idea of the Feedom App originated. An app that aims at solving this food wastage problem and the hunger issue. Sudhish spent his weekends developing this app he thought would benefit the world. 

Sudhish Koloth

Finally, he launched a mobile android app- called Feedom, with a minimum viable product version. This basic app gives any restaurant/grocery merchants opportunity to post quality food to donate to their local community. Customers can easily search for any donation based on the zip code or city.

Undoubtedly, Sudhish solved one genuine problem with his expertise. He anticipates that this app eventually grows, and more merchants start using this for a good cause.

Sudhish Koloth is a senior developer who is a master in many technologies. He has more than 13 years of experience in the Information & Technology field. Throughout his career, he worked on very challenging projects. Last year 2020, Sudhish was honored to be chosen for this mission-critical initiative like rolling out some critical pandemic-related functionalities for the customers.

Sudhish was the lead developer where his expertise was required to provide solutions to customers’ lives. Whatever was happening in his personal life – he never compromised his professional life, and he indeed gave high-level commitment. He was proud to be part of such significant initiatives and a team where his expertise helped the company support its customers facing economic challenges due to the pandemic.