Successful packaging for CBD brands

Whether you are only starting your CBD company or already have a brand and wish to boost your sales up, there is one feature that should be carefully analyzed and sometimes revised entirely to bring your business to success. This is the packaging. While most CBD brands announce themselves as innovative new-age businesses that operate according to the most advanced user-friendly marketing technologies, some of them forget the very ground of any product development. No matter how many experts you will hire and how UX-adapted your online store is, physical packaging will remain the most important part of the user experience both of offline retail and digital sales. It is the package that secures your product during transportation and storing. It is the package that a customer pays attention to at the shelf of a local store or an online portal. And it is the package that people touch, use, and maybe re-purpose even after the product is over, creating a certain image for your whole business. A small custom CBD Box may be a key to your success or a reason for a failure and even boycott from the community.

That is why in the packaging industry, some businesses like CBD Box Factory, realized the complexity and peculiarity, yet bright future of the CBD Industry. They started building their company around CBD brands providing them with custom CBD boxes and packages, CBD Display boxes, and much more packaging and promotional products that help to develop the industry and help it obtain its segment at the traditional market. 

Throughout their short but rich history, Custom CBD Packaging companies have created a community of CBD brands that support each other with collaborations, common releases, and raise awareness about the overall CBD Industry.

Here are only some obvious reasons why you should focus on packaging while creating and re-inventing the image of your brand.

  • packages are always a focal point of any review. While nowadays people search the web thoroughly before making a purchase the importance of review posts and blogs simply cannot be overrated. And the packaging is the first thing any reviewer focuses on. Sometimes the impression from the package is what sets the tone for the whole review
  • custom CBD packages show that your attitude. Since childhood, we`ve been taught not to judge a candy by its cover, and this is exactly what we are doing all the time. And there is nothing wrong with it. Package demonstrates to a customer whether a manufacturer cares about the product at all. When you put some extra thought into custom packaging, make it look nice and maybe even nifty and recyclable, when it gives some extra protection to the product, a customer will notice, appreciate it and get a certain opinion of your business that will determine your future relationships. 
  • sometimes packaging decides the fates of businesses. We have witnessed many examples of how world-famous brands were judged and banished because of their packaging. Insensitive designs, hazardous materials, and polluting manufacture are the accusations that may burn any brand to the ground. This becomes especially sensitive when we talk about the CBD industry which still has to operate in quite a grey legal field and faces lots of prejudice from society. When creating custom CBD packaging, you should consider many things such as the design itself, manufacture process, the materials, and even the “afterlife” of you CBD Packaging


Those are only the most superficial but undeniable arguments that show the importance of packaging for any product, and especially for the CBD brands. While the digital era might dictate the importance of online presence, user-friendly interfaces of online stores, and the importance of social media for product development, eventually a customer gets the physical product and start building an opinion about it from the very first touch.