Strategies for an Ultimate Holiday Marketing Campaign

Holidays are around the corner, time to relax and take a step back, right? Wrong. This is one time of the year that business owners have to be at the top of their game at any cost. People are free, relaxed, itching to spend money on things they like, so it’s necessary for you to have the best marketing campaign possible. But just in case you planned for this to be one of those eleventh hour things, don’t worry. We’re here to help you out with a checklist of all the strategies necessary for you to have the best marketing campaign during these holidays.

Set the Theme/ Mood

You need to tap into the emotions of customers by setting a festive mood on your website. Give them that sense of enthusiasm on every page while they explore your website. Rather than just keeping the festivity to your ads section, it should be reflected on your whole website. Use festive colors and elements throughout your website. Basically holidize your website so that your customers’ connection with your brand is reinforced.

Create Holiday Content

Focus on a couple of content pieces that you can use as a part of your holiday campaign specifically. Apart from that, try to drop hints about your festive offers throughout the content.

Prioritize Holiday Discounts 

If you offer holiday discounts, make sure they are the first things visitors see on your website. However, it shouldn’t be an ‘in your face’ thing, keep it subtle. There should be substantial holiday offers on your website as an average visitor doesn’t have a lot of patience. So, keep them engaged and prevent them from shopping elsewhere.

Email Campaigns

It’s a must for every marketing campaign. Customers, especially old ones, are always interested in and waiting for holiday discounts and offers. Use colorful designs, beautiful pictures, and numbers that prominently display discounts. 

Here are five ideas for your email campaign:

  • Early bird gets the worm: Offer special discounts for early birds. Encourage shoppers to purchase holiday gifts early, offering attractive discounts for a limited period of time.
  • Special Prices for Online Orders Only: Capture your customers’ attention with a tempting offer of extra discounts when they purchase gifts without leaving home.
  • Give special discounts on certain festive items: Intrigue shoppers with an offer of exclusive bargains.
  • Increase advertisement when a product is down to its last few units : Create a sense of urgency and engage shoppers to order before it’s too late.
  • Wish them: On the eve of the festival, as an end to your holiday campaign, send a beautiful, simple greeting card.

Strengthen Your Social Media Marketing

Use the power of these online platforms for your gain. Organize online events with special perks for the winners and early birds. Entice your customers to shop more from you by creating a hype around your brand. You can also tap into their feelings by interacting with them more freely on social media. Use the holidays to build a connection with them. Create special hashtags for the festive products and services and encourage your audience to use them.

Provide Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Provide last minute gift ideas to your customers, this will save them the embarrassment and make them appreciate you more. You can also offer hampers and gift cards of your services as last minute gifts.

Set a budget

You do not want to go overboard with your campaign as you still have a business to run. Plan a budget accordingly and use it wisely.

Plan Dates

Set a timeline for your whole campaign beforehand rather than being spontaneous. This includes social media campaigns, email campaigns, offers and discounts, online offers etc. Planning is a crucial part of your campaign and it can play a huge role in making or breaking it. These are the main steps you should use in planning your holiday marketing campaign:

  • Campaign launch date
  • Schedule final assets for launch
  • Review final assets
  • Upload blog posts
  • Automated newsletters
  • Create design assets
  • Create the content for social media, blog posts and newsletters.

Keep an Eye Out for the Competition

If you feel like you’re somewhat lacking in your strategies, you can always check out what the competition is upto. Take notes on how you can improve and do better.

Check whether you have the required support staff

All of your planning will go in vain if you don’t have the right people helping you implement your campaign. Choose your team accordingly. Look outside of the company if you have to but make sure to put in 110% effort.

Hopefully, these strategies will be of some help to you. To read more such informational blogs, you can visit our blog page.

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