Steps for Finding Fake Yeezy Slides

Start by examining the model’s general appearance; pay attention to the material, dimensions, and overall form. This will help you identify genuine Yeezy slides reps. After that, look at the heels and the slides from the top. Next, you should look at the inside, the typefaces, and the sizing label. Check the box one more to complete the authentication procedure.

Authenticating Yeezy Slides: The Overall Look Technique

Even while the concept would seem to be rather straightforward, if you don’t have high-quality materials, recreating it is not that simple.

In this instance, the genuine sole’s shark-tooth appearance sets this model apart from counterfeit slides, which were unable to replicate the sole’s original, sharp, and distinct appearance.

While the sole is pointed, other elements are rounder and softer. For instance, the genuine strap has a more rounded peak than the false one, which is more pointed.

The phony slides’ actual points are bigger and more pointed than they should be.

The heel method for fake Yeezys

This section on the fake yeezy slides is way too highlighted and defined, giving it a cheap look. Additionally, the lines aren’t supposed to be perfectly straight; they should be a little curvy, just as shown in the left picture. The lines on the authentic heel’s surface create some sort of separate section, but it’s not that obvious.

The Best Way To Verifiably Check Yeezy Slides

The duplicate model did not successfully generate the rounded cut-out that the real model had, as can be seen, if we look at the slides from the top. Smoothness and minimal contrast are required in the change from the top to the bottom curves.

Instead of being as flat as they seem in the photographs, the tips of the faux slides should also be more rounded.

Footbed Method: How To Spot Fake Yeezy Slides

The contour of the real slides isn’t as tall as the pair that was made to seem real. Although it doesn’t appear all that horrible, this in particular is a sign of fake Yeezy slides.

Despite being well etched in the original footbed, the Adidas logo has to be noted as well. The replica manufacturer chose not to go that far and instead made the design very pale and asymmetrical. This quickly identifies the duplicate.

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Real vs. Fake Yeezy Slides: The Interior Method

Is there a Fake Yeezy Slides on the inside of your straps? The phony pair in this instance doesn’t even have the brand name on the inside, which is a major error.

When it came to the “Made in China” writing, they chose to employ the same process as before and crudely engrave the letters rather than giving them a 3D, effervescent appearance.

The Sizing Sticker Method: Real vs. Fake Yeezy Slides

Sizing tags may be used in your authentication procedure, that much is true.

In this instance, the font’s replica sizing tag did a poor job of duplicating it. For instance, if we compare the numbers, we’ll see that they are big and bold in the real model but small and asymmetrical in the right image.

The “Adidas” text, which should be bold, thick, and readable but pale and narrow on the fake sticker, is a good example of this discrepancy.

Although these techniques for authenticating Yeezy Slides are the most applicable to the modern counterfeit sector, beware since fake manufacturers advance at breakneck speeds.

Because replicas are getting so good, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell real products from fakes. This is something we notice almost every month.

Although the techniques in this tutorial should be tried out on your own, expert authentication could be a good idea if you spend a lot of money on the item at repskicks.

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