Step into Spring: Styling the Wax Jacket

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Spring is the season of new beginnings and is the perfect time to breathe fresh life into your fashion choices courtesy of a John Partridge ladies wax jacket. 

The cotton-waxed jackets can be worn with confidence throughout the year but are particularly popular in the Spring. Here’s how you can style your John Partridge wax jacket to unlock truly stunning results.

Start By Finding The Right Jacket

Before worrying too much about building a great outfit, the first job is to find the right ladies wax jacket for you. A John Partridge wax jacket can become the central focus of your new look but it’s important to appreciate your natural body shape. The right fit will enhance your natural shape to boost your comfort and confidence. In turn, you will inevitably look more fashionable too. 

In addition to finding the right John Partridge wax jacket, you should consider using waxed cotton dressing to help your jacket retain its appearance. When you do, it can last decades.

Mix Hard & Soft Materials

A ladies wax jacket is one of the most versatile outerwear products you will possess. You can showcase this in style throughout the Spring by contrasting hard and soft materials. Couple your Lightweight Landowner Walking Jacket with sturdy boots and then switch things up with a soft, flowy dress. The intriguing juxtaposition is sure to be a fashion winner for virtually all outdoor Spring activities.

You could also team brown boots with the Forest Tri Colour Wax Walking Jacket, which can then work well with mid-blue jeans and a variety of knitwear top colours.

Use Your Head

John Partridge Wax Jackets jackets can be worn with browns and reds. However, white or yellow knitwear celebrates the burst of Spring energy. Either way, though, you can take your look to the next level by finding the perfect hat. While contrasting the colour is an option if you’re feeling adventurous, a khaki hat provides a simple and sophisticated accessory.

A wool hat is a popular choice. Alternatively, a tweed button hat that combines elements of a baseball hat and a beret will look awesome through Spring and Summer.

Unleash Some Colour

The Spring is meant to be a time filled with energy, and your fashion choices should reflect this. A Coastal Tri Colour Wax Walking Jacket is the ideal choice of outerwear because it can be paired with such a wide range of colourful outfits. Trainers and light jeans can be worn alongside white or red jumpers. Alternatively, a light blue shirt and mid-blue jeans work well with chunky Chelsea boots and other footwear.

You could also go for a casual Pink Hooded Sweatshirt or a white graphic t-shirt under your wax jacket. Jeans and trainers – possibly with a cap – will complete the relaxed Spring style.

The Final Word

As you look to spend more time outside following the end of Winter, a wax jacket is the perfect choice of outerwear for long walks, trips to the high street, or days out watching live sports and music. Use it to influence your Spring wardrobe today.


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