Some Amazing Curtains & Blinds Cleaning Facts Everyone Should Know

Curtains & blinds have become an important part of our home decor. It makes our home attractive and adds vibrancy to the room. There are various uses of curtains and blinds. Curtains add color to our room. It also plays an important role in our home decor. Curtains help to control the flow of light in our room and also provide privacy. So, blinds are the advanced version of curtains.

Blinds are made of various materials such as wood, fabric, or plastic. They are more convenient than curtains as they require less maintenance and are more affordable. However, maintenance and cleanliness of curtains and blinds have become a hectic job in our life. You can overcome these problems by regular cleanliness or consulting professional help. So, to remove the dirt permanently it’s very important to know about the Curtain Cleaning Brisbane.

Here are 7 Curtains & Blinds Cleaning Facts:

  1. Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is the most convenient and effective method. You can clean your curtain to remove dust, dirt, or allergens that would cause allergies or other skin infections. Clean the window covers with the help of vacuum cleaners by attaching a soft brush to them. It is an amazing cleaning fact and cost-effective.

  1. Steam cleaners

Steam cleaning is the most efficient and amazing cleanliness fact you need to know about. They clean your curtains deeply and are very effective in removing stubborn stains. Professional steam cleaning services are also provided by cleaning agencies. So, steam cleaners are very effective to prevent bad odor from curtains & Blinds Cleaning Brisbane.

  1. Regular dusting

Dusting is the process of removing dust or dirt from the curtains and blinds manually. It does not require a lot of energy or hard work. It is an effective way to remove dust or dirt from the curtains or blinds that have settled a long time ago. So, dusting three to four times a week can be done in case regular dusting is not possible.

  1. Removal of stains

Stains are stubborn marks on the curtains or blinds. You can remove them by using baking soda, vinegar, or bleach. By using these chemicals you can easily remove the Stains on the curtains.

  1. Washing

You can remove dust or dirt from your curtains by washing them in washing machines. It helps to brighten up the appearance of curtains. You can wash your Blinds in the bathtub with your hands. Do not use water on wooden blinds. So, clean the wooden blinds with a dry cloth.

  1. Exposure

Sometimes curtains get a bad odor when the rooms are locked for a longer period of time or due to the rainy season. That unpleasant smell can be removed by exposing the curtains to the sunlight. The curtains get fresh air and sunlight also kills bacteria. 

  1. Professional cleaning

You can increase the lifespan of your curtains or blinds by professional cleaning. So, professional cleaning agencies use hi-tech machines to clean your curtains and blinds.


Curtains and blinds can be maintained by using the amazingCurtains & Blinds Cleaning Facts given above. Professional services help to enhance the appearance of curtains and blinds but also increase their lifespan. You can check our blog Mouldy Curtains Cleaning: How To Do It?

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