Solar Panels & Battery Storage: Why These Two Go Hand In Hand?

The human race has evolved so much due to engineering and technology. The same technology has also taught us how to use the sun for our needs. Recently, we have developed the ability to harness the sun’s energy and use it to generate heat and electricity with the help of the solar system. 

Solar panels and batteries are the two essential parts of solar energy systems. Solar panels are used to absorb the sun’s energy so that it can be used later for various purposes. The function of solar batteries is that they help store the energy that would have been wasted otherwise. You can easily get both solar system components from companies like Track Energy. In this article, we shall discuss the connection between both, so continue reading to learn more. 

Importance Of Solar Panels

Green energy is gaining immense popularity nowadays, and solar energy is one of the best eco–friendly options for sustainable development. Solar panels are solar cells that are electrically connected to absorb the sun’s heat and convert it into a usable form. Switching to solar energy has many amazing benefits saving you on high electricity bills, making it easy to maintain, and being healthy for the environment. 

Solar energy can generate electricity, lighting, cooking, heating, etc., in both household and industrial sectors. All you have to do is install the panels on your roof, facing towards the sun, which will continue absorbing the sun’s energy. 

Importance Of Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are used to store the extra energy that we receive from the sun through solar panels. The sunlight absorbed by solar panels for an hour can feed the world’s electricity needs. Solar panels can absorb much energy but will be wasted if you don’t store it. Solar Batteries Adelaide can store the energy that can be used later when there’s no sun. 

Without solar batteries, you can use the energy only for a specific period, i.e., only when the sun shines. But solar batteries can store the excess energy, which can be used without the sun. Also, you can sell the excess energy, giving you extra profit. 

The Connection Between Solar Panels And Solar Batteries

Solar panels are used to absorb the sun’s energy, whereas solar batteries are used to store that energy. While the panels can work without the batteries, you won’t be able to enjoy their benefits as much. Both the components of the solar energy system are essential for seamless performance. With the help of solar batteries, the solar system will run more effectively and efficiently. The batteries will also help you cover the initial cost of installation. So, without it, you won’t be able to make much profit. 

Wrapping Up

The sun is an amazing source of energy. Now it can be used to generate heat and electricity with the help of a solar energy system and is also an excellent alternative to traditional electricity and fossil fuels. So, install a solar energy system on your property with the help of Track Energy