Snapchat Troubleshooting: 5 Common Issues and Solutions

Hey there, fellow Snapchatters! Or is it fellow Snappers? Oh well whichever you prefer – it’s 2023 and we can hardly keep up with all the new and upcoming lingo anymore. But whatever you call yourself, we all know how addictive Snapchat can be with its funky filters, conveniently disappearing messages, and endless Stories.

But sometimes, even your favorite social media app can throw a few glitches your way, and sour your mood. You were so ready to flaunt your perfect selfie, and then snap! – Snapchat isn’t responding anymore.

So what can you do? Quite a lot, actually. In this article, we’ll dive into 5 most common Snapchat issues and provide you with their super simple solutions to get you back on track. So, grab your favorite selfie pose and… please don’t snap yet, because we’ll troubleshoot together!

My Snapchat Keeps Crashing

Ah, the dreaded crash. For some reason, these crashes always seem to happen at the exact moment when they can inconvenience you the most.

It can be sooo frustrating! You’re in the middle of snapping the perfect pic, you’ve got the clever caption for the story all figured out, and just as you press post – Snapchat decides to bail on you like you’re being ghosted on Tinder. But unlike getting ghosted, there’s a simple solution to fix Snapchat black loading screen.

A good potential solution would be to close the app completely and reopen it. If that doesn’t help, your next step should be clearing the cache of the app. For Android users, go to Settings > Apps > Snapchat > Storage > then press Clear Cache. To clear their Snapchat app cache, iPhone users can go to Settings > Snapchat > Clear Cache. If all else fails, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed or try reinstalling it – that should fix any problem you have. (And if not… Maybe give Instagram a chance, because we’d be scratching our heads too.)

My Snapchat Won’t Load Snaps or Stories

Oh no, the dreaded black screen of Snapchat doom! But you know what? It’s probably not even Snapchat’s fault…

So here’s what you can do if you’re having trouble loading Snaps or Stories. Step number one is to check your internet connection – are you even online? If not, try to reconnect, and make sure you have a stable Wi-Fi or data connection.

If the problem persists – sometimes a simple refresh is all you need. Try force closing the app and reopening it again after a few seconds. If this doesn‘t work either, it’s good to check if you have enough storage space on your device. If you’re running low on storage, delete some unnecessary files or apps, and make enough room for more adventurous Snapchat shenanigans.

My Snapchat Filters Aren’t Working 

We all love Snapchat filters. When they work. When they don’t… It’s therapy time. 

To be fair, Snapchat filters add a touch of magic to our photos and videos, enabling us to live an almost parallel, fancier reality. But what happens when they decide to go on a vacation? Then we freak out, because it takes a special mood to get us to post a dreadful #nofilter shot.

But fear not; there’s a fix for naughty Snapchat filters too. First off, double check if you have the latest version of Snapchat installed. If that’s not the issue, you can try clearing the cache as mentioned earlier, and try logging in again. But sometimes it can be your camera’s fault, not the app itself. Open another camera app and check if the camera is working fine. If you can’t open the camera or it’s acting up in weird ways, your next step might be to troubleshoot your device’s camera settings.

My Snapchat Messages Won’t Send

Uh-oh, the disappearing messages are not even going through anymore. And you were just about to make someone very happy! Schucks.

Clearly, not a situation that should be tolerated. If you’re having trouble sending Snaps or messages, there are many solutions you can try. As always, start by checking your internet connection (yes, we gotta cover the basics). If you’re connected, then it may be a memory or storage issue. Clearing out your app’s cache, or even uninstalling other apps may restore your Snapchat to full functionality. If those aren’t working, you can try force closing the app and reopening it, or even doing a fresh install. Logging in and out and to refresh the connection is also a good idea. And if all else fails, hell, maybe give your device a good ol’ restart? And if that fails… We recommend switching to Facebook. Oops.

Can’t Log Into Snapchat

Okay, all the other Snapchat issues we mentioned above are nothing compared to this bad boy of a problem. This is the ultimate nightmare of the Snapchat universe—being locked out of your own account!

Just what does it mean? Have you been completely banned? Did someone hack you? Your mind will be reeling and you’re probably going to start panicking.

But take a deep breath and count to ten, because we’ll sort this out.

First, check if you’re even connected to the internet. (Yes, yes, we know, but sometimes this really does happen!) Next, check if you’ve entered the correct username and password – sometimes a small typo, or a mistakenly copy-pasted section may be preventing you from logging into not just Snapchat, but any app.

Sometimes the simplest things can trip us up. If you’re sure about your credentials, try resetting your password through the “Forgot Password” option. Follow the instructions sent to your email or phone number associated with your Snapchat account. Still no luck? Reach out to Snapchat’s support team for further assistance.


Snapchat is a blast, but even our favorite apps can hit a bump or two. When Snapchat bugs out on you, don’t panic! Take a deep breath, try each of the solutions we’ve recommended, and most importantly, don’t forget to stay patient. Technology has its moments, but with a little know-how, you’ll be back to snapping away in no time.

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