Six Tips for Summer Detoxification

Go with what you know your body can handle. Sarasota gets hot in the summer, and you don’t want your body to be weakened by dangerous methods of detoxification while exposed to major heat. Moderation is key when detoxing!

Start with hydration. Giving your body enough water to process and flush unnecessary toxins is so crucial when it comes to detoxification. Instead of drinking straight water, you can also drink water with lemon! Lemon removes heavy metals from your body and boosts your daily dose of vitamin C.

Embrace the greens. Shakes, salads, sandwiches – make it all green! The fresher your green leafy vegetables, the more benefits they’ll have for your detoxification process. Green leafy vegetables flush environmental toxins from your body and protect your liver when you eat plenty of them. Kale is a common ingredient in detoxification shakes, and spinach can also be a great green leafy vegetable. When you cook green leafy vegetables, they lose some of the benefits they bring to the table, so make sure that when possible, you’re eating them raw.

Keep it fresh. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide so many positive nutritional values, and they can aid in detoxification by taking the strain off your digestive system with an extra boost of lovely vitamins and minerals. But if you’re buying fruit or vegetables out of season, they tend to be less valuable nutritionally due to the accelerated growth they’ve endured or the processes they’ve been put through to prolong shelf life. Find the best fruit for your detoxification by looking up what’s in season in Sarasota right now.

Avoid processed foods. This one should be pretty expected, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. Processed foods have been exposed to all sorts of toxins in the process of getting them to your table, and they bring those toxins into your body, even though they’re safe to eat. If you eat nothing but processed foods, the toxins will build up and cause issues for you and your health. Avoiding processed foods and choosing more natural solutions will help you detox.

Besides water, drink helpful antioxidants. Green tea, kombucha, and other valuable drinks can reset your gut health and encourage a natural detoxification process that prioritizes your health and purification of your body over the quick weight loss or dangerous shifts that an unnatural solution might create. Drink green tea and kombucha to give yourself a break from the lemon water – and to help your detoxification process proceed safely!

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