Six Foremost Tips To Consider While Creating Real Estate Explainer Videos

Creating real estate explainer videos can be a very profitable business. Because there is so much video content, you must ensure your video is engaging and informative. As the popularity of digital content grows, so does the need for professionals in digital development. Video is a great way to tell your story and convey key messages to your audience. Real estate professionals who want to market their services on YouTube or elsewhere online should consider creating explainer videos. While there are many options, below are some tips to help make more effective and engaging real estate explainer videos.

Be Specific

Your real estate explainer must be as specific as possible. It means being clear about what you’re talking about and what you want the viewer to understand. If it’s too broad, it would not be successful, and if it’s too narrow, it won’t be effective either.

Know your audience

The first step in creating any type of video is to know who you’re trying to reach. You can use our Real Estate Video creation tool to get a sense of the kinds of videos you might create and what they might look like.

Choose The Right Format

You’ll need to decide whether you want a video with audio or without, and if it should be an animated explainer video or a static one. There are pros and cons, but we recommend starting with a statistic video as it will give you more time to craft your script and add animation later if necessary.

Don’t just create a video with a bunch of words on it. Instead, focus on creating valuable information people can use in their lives. The more relevant your content is, the more likely it will be clicked and shared by potential buyers or renters.

Use Visuals

Visuals help drive home your message and make it easier for viewers to understand what you’re saying. You must use visuals in your videos because they can help people remember things better than words alone (especially something as complex as real estate).

Keep It Short & Sweet

Your real estate explainer video should only be between one and two minutes long so that it doesn’t take too much time on someone’s device screen or internet browser window (this is especially true if they’re watching from a mobile device). Try not to go over two minutes.

It makes them easier to watch, understand, and share on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where users love short videos that are easy to digest in seconds instead of minutes! 

Use a professional narrator

The narrator is the most crucial part of the explainer video. They are responsible for telling the story and ensuring your audience understands the happenings.


Real estate is, without a doubt, one of the most important sectors for creating explainer videos. This production gets more appreciated in this field, and more clients are willing to invest in them. Moreover, we want to emphasize that you create real estate explainer videos for advertisers and people who will watch your video from start-up to finish and learn about the product or service.