Simple Car Easy Drawing For Kids | Easy Drawing For Kids Tutorial

Easy Drawing Cars have long been kids’ all-time favorite toys. Additionally, it has long been the subject of many animated movies and TV shows, with Cars, Speed Racer, and Hot Wheels being some of the most well-known. Easy Drawing using this step-by-step tutorial on how to design an automobile, you may make your dreams come true! Take advantage of the opportunity to customize a car by sketching your imagined vehicle. This will surely be a good time for anyone who appreciates cars. If you have a child who is passionate about vehicles, drawing cars is surely the best activity to keep them happy and creative at the same time. Read More About: Houses for Sale in State Life Housing Society Lahore

Let’s begin our study of car drawing!


  • Make two little circles on the lower portion of the page. The inside of your car’s wheels will resemble this.
  • Don’t worry whether you can draw a perfect circle by hand. You can always use a compass as a sketching tool to quickly and effortlessly draw a perfect circle.


  • Draw the wheels of the car.
  • Two more circles should be placed around the little circles we created in the previous stage.
  • Once you’ve finished drawing the circle shapes, it should seem like a set of wheels, as seen in the figure. Additionally, there should be an inch or so between each wheel.


  • Bolt the bumpers to the wheels as the third step.
  • A long, narrow rectangle should connect the two wheels. Because the bumper will serve as its basis, be sure to make it as long as you want your car to be.


  • Sketch the Body of the Car
  • The outline of the car’s body should be drawn immediately over the bumper using downward curving lines that curve to the other end of the bumper.
  • Two downward-curving lines make up the design: a little curve for the hood and a large curve for the car’s roof.


  • In Step 5, illustrate the front entrance window.
  • On the left side of the roof, trace the contour with a curved line. Next, draw the line at a 90-degree angle to the left to connect the two ends of the curved line.


  • In step six, draw the window in the back door.
  • Repeat the previous step on the opposite side of the car to create two identical and proportionate car windows. The front and back windows must be slightly different in size.


  • Then, in Step 7, draw the entrance.
  • Directly below the front window, draw a square with rounded corners to depict the front door. The front door and window should be level and in line, so keep that in mind.


  • Turn on the lights and the door handle.
  • It’s time to give the car the last touches to making it look more lifelike.
  • Start by drawing half-circle shapes on both ends of the car to construct the headlight and taillight. Directly over the car’s bumper is where the lights should go.


  • Add patterns to the automobile windows.
  • Diagonal patterns are frequently created when light reflects off of automobile windows. Draw parallel, diagonal lines across each car window to represent reflections.
  • After successfully drawing a car, it’s time for the most enjoyable part: coloring your great car design! Choose colors that will make your car look dynamic and colorful.
  • There is a wide range of car designs and colors available. So, chances are good that a car in your favorite color is on the market.
  • This gives you various color options to choose from while painting your car.


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