Side Effects of HGH Abuse for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders work hard for a muscular figure but in recent years, HGH abuse is more prevalent in this industry. More people are taking HGH injections in hopes of getting better results in less time. Unfortunately, not many athletes realize the temporary and irreversible health issues that arise from HGH abuse. Doctors typically prescribe growth hormones to compensate for deficiency but rarely for athletes. Particularly for bodybuilders hoping to obtain and keep a good shape, here are a few side effects that do exactly the opposite. Our website provide complete information regarding exercise for bodybuilders. Do not forget to check that out!

Water Retention

A common temporary side effect of HGH abuse is water retention. Water retention increases because growth hormones make the anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) levels go up and this is the direct cause of bloat. Retaining more water does not simply mean a bloated or distended stomach but also means higher blood pressure. ADH is increased drastically with emotions like anger, fear, and various forms of stress. Since this hormone also constricts veins, the risk for a massive heart attack goes up significantly. HGHs allow for higher secretion of ADH and causes water retention. This causes discomfort in areas like the feet, ankles, hands, and stomach.

Body Swelling

A professional bodybuilder that is abusing HGH injections by either using excessive amounts or having poor health conditions is likely to have a distended stomach. Many growth hormone users have swelling in the abdomen and resemble pregnant women. This is a clear sign of HGH use and is a known fact in the industry. An athlete hoping to use injections to get a better shape end up with a distorted stomach and possibly a bad image in the bodybuilder community. HGH abuse was a major problem in recent years and now competitions favor slimmer bodies with overall balance. No one who takes HGH can control the reactions the body has so there is always a risk of transforming overall shape without intention. If you have any queries regarding your exercise and body swelling, visit this website for detailed information.

Cardiovascular Risk

Bodybuilders make exercise a priority in their lives, and this promotes good health but taking non-prescription HGHs while putting the body through strenuous work is a dangerous risk for the cardiovascular system. Chronic use of growth hormones affects heart functions and lowers heart rate. Other long-term side effects include impaired cardiac ability, enlarged heart, kidney problems, and heart attack. For most bodybuilders that know the risks, non-prescription HGH use is not worth the trouble. Artificial enhancement pushes the body’s natural abilities and forces various systems to fail over long-term abuse. For a comprehensive list of possible HGH side effects read this article!

Bodybuilders and athletes see mostly the benefits of taking HGH and not all of the downsides. However abusive use can lead to permanent health conditions and are simply not worth the damage. Ultimately, athletes need a healthy body to complete daily workout routines and HGH abuse has many adverse reactions. Instead of taking big risks to build muscles, look for healthier alternatives such as natural growth hormone dietary products.

I am Linda Feingold, an expert in human growth hormones and its effects on different areas of the body. Temporary side effects include body swelling and some serious risks are heart attack and an enlarged heart. No matter the pressure of the bodybuilding competition or industry, taking HGH is risky especially when not consulting a doctor. Natural growth hormone supplements are the better alternative for long-term health. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about maintaining your health.