Shutters and Blinds – How to Decide Which is a Good Option

While people may ignore the windows and its accessories, this is actually an important thing to consider! Blinds and shutters in Brisbane help in controlling light in the house, along with providing more privacy and security. However, you can’t have both, and there will be many factors to look into when you’re choosing between the two.

This takes time and research, since this won’t only help with light control and security, but to have your home look and feel better. After all, the window treatments for your windows will also impact the entire ambiance of a room. This is why it’s quite challenging to determine what complements the vibes of all your rooms.

To help you out, I show you what to look into when choosing between shutters and blinds.


How to Get Started

Whether you’re new to choosing window treatments or have had experience in selecting them, there are a few guidelines you can use as you decide what coverings to get.


  • For starters, it’s crucial to avoid cutting corners on window treatments, as these are an investment. Have a fair budget and purchase the best you can afford.
  • Blinds are said to be the universal choice, as they are cheaper, but that is sometimes not the case!
  • Be sure to take time when choosing what’s best for your windows. Don’t go for the first choice just yet and consider the custom features you need and use daily.
  • Ask for help and be sure to research ahead. It’s best to ask experts as you decide on which window treatments


The Benefits of Shutters

Shutters are solid and stable window coverings that have louvers coming in various sizes. They also come in different designs and styles to suit any home. When choosing the right design, it would add texture to your home, mounted either in or out of your window frames.

Shutters can be painted over, making them versatile and giving you a personalized space. Furthermore, they can be custom-sized to fit your windows just the way you want to. This can add even more texture, warmth, and coziness to any space.

Furthermore, shutters are easy to care and maintain for. Because the louvers are large and easier to access, you spend less time and effort cleaning, with the reach and space given between louvers.

Lastly, one of the top benefits of shutters is how they become part of any room rather than blend into the backgrounds. It can be used as one of the focal points of the room, helping decorate the space by adding texture to difficult-to-decorate or oddly-shaped rooms.

One main benefit blinds have over shutters is how affordable they are compared to shutters. But when you consider the longevity, shutters have the upper hand here. When thinking long-term and replacements, shutters would last for decades with proper care, compared to the 4–5-year lifespan of blinds. Because of this, it may be able to add more resale value to houses compared to blinds as they are permanently affixed and have a great look, enticing potential buyers and giving you a better return of investment.

Furthermore, shutters may be better in terms of blocking harmful UV rays or the cold draft, so you can save on energy bills in the long run! While blinds help in temperature regulation and light control as well, this ultimately depends on what materials they are made of.

However, you might need to obtain planning permission if you want to invest in security shutters, in particular. In certain areas, shutters aren’t permitted, so you’ll need to check with your HOA with this rule.


The Benefits of Blinds

Blinds, on the other hand, are timeless window treatments that fit any home style, improving light control and regulating the temperature so you can be comfortable in any room. Blinds can add clean and straight lines to any décor, enhancing the modern feel of any room style. Whether you want modern or traditional, rustic or bohemian, blinds can add the look and extra polish to tie the entire house together.

Another great benefit blinds offer is that they come in various materials, which can further add texture and style to your home, depending on what vibe you want to give off. For instance, wooden blinds can give off the earth-rich and classy ambiance to any home, while neutral tones with white or beige colors create industrial and modern feels. You can also find them in different colors, patterns, and even fabrics, adding extra flair and texture.

Its versatility and customization are what makes them an ideal choice for many homes. That, and because they can be covered with other window coverings and are pretty affordable, depending on the size and material used.


Wrapping It Up

Both shutters and blinds make great options, but it all depends on what YOU want and need, as they come with different advantages when installed in the house. A good rule of thumb you can follow is that blinds are better for smaller rooms, while shutters are best in larger areas!

Hopefully, you learned a lot about shutters and blinds, so you get to know what you can choose. Do learn more about window treatments and coverings, so that you can make a wise choice and have an investment.  It can help you enjoy and take advantage of for years to come.

Do you have questions or want to share tips and experiences on choosing window treatments? Share them in the comments section below, your thoughts are much appreciated!


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