Shopping your values for a better world

Digital transformation has taken the world by storm. Manufacturing and marketing practices have drastically evolved while companies are becoming more customer-centric. Due to this, we as a consumer have acquired great strength to make an impact on our society.

However, we need to discover our impact and for that, we need to make informed decisions. To our satisfaction, a Calgary-based tech startup, Your Arbor has developed a product that is capable of addressing this problem. 

Arbor is a Fintech startup that encourages and motivates consumers to make informed decisions by purchasing from companies with high ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance) scores. The application is designed to tackle all these challenges faced by our society by creating a sustainable environment. The team has already launched an extension for web browsers and plans on announcing a full mobile application by the end of 2021.

Is Arbor Worth a Try?

If you’re fond of shopping online, so just before you make your next purchase, think about the company whom you’re purchasing from. Whether it is contributing to a sustainable economy or not? The answer isn’t easy to find. However, this extension allows you to be a part of an amazing platform that alters our purchasing and consumption habits. While it encourages us to consume more mindfully for a sustainable economy. 

With a huge change in the market trends, it has been reported that 48% of US consumers are determined to alter their consumption routines for the greater good of society. So why not give Arbor a shot? Using it will make your shopping sustainably simpler and also equips the consumers with the information aligned with your values. Most importantly, it refrains us from unethical consumption habits and suggests more responsible alternatives.

In short, those companies which are not contributing to a sustainable environment and economy are discouraged by Arbor and a low score is awarded to them.

Arbor derives its strength from our consciousness as it forces us to think right before buying. It triggers the extension to give better and sustainable purchasing alternatives based on our values. Consequently, our purchasing decisions will basically set the tone aright and trickle down into something that companies will incentivize upon. Therefore, if we are able to put our best foot forward, the company is going to get a profit on the purchase. This will create a rather positive impact on society. 

So, why not give yourself a chance to leave a positive impact by adding Your Arbor extension to your choice of browser.


How Does Arbor Work?

Starting today, you can discover your impact by hitting the Arbor’s download button and installing the browser application, and leave the rest to Arbor!

As soon as you connect, data for every company is gathered, standardized, and then scored on a scale of 0-100 known as the Arbor Index Score. The score simply specifies the economic responsibility and ethical practices of the company. Plus, how well the company is contributing to a sustainable economy. By continuously using this extension, we can develop our own Arbor Impact Score, illustrated in a form of a tree. The leaves transcending from the tree will be in a range of colors, each symbolizing a different set of Arbor Index scores.

After getting your extension activated, visit the site to attend their survey. It is really useful for them to build an algorithm based on our particular values. Every algorithm is customized and built around a particular set of values whether it is environment, governance, or social justice, etc. 

After completing the survey visit any shopping store or site, click on the Arbor icon present at the top right corner of your screen. The icon present above will show you the following company’s score on the basis of already set values. Moreover, the icon will also show you better alternatives to that company for that particular item and how they score. 

For an instance, a beautician who is concerned about safe working conditions. When he/she visit any online retailer to buy any cosmetic product, for example, company A. After that, it gathers and evaluates every piece of information against the core values set by that beautician. The whole process of evaluation will be summed up into Arbor Index Score anywhere from 0-100. 

During the process of evaluation, multiple factors are considered from environmental impact to wage transparency and many more. If the company doesn’t meet the industry standards or falls short of the categories it is evaluated for. After soon after that, it will suggest better options for retailers to the beautician that’ll be more aligned to his/her core values. 

This extension helps in reducing the lengthy and time taking process of research and presents you with the most authentic results. Not only that, Arbor prioritizes sustainability and keeping things simple. 

 Why Should We Be Excited?

Arbor accumulates insights from customers and data from companies. Consequently, putting the data into the right cause making it a robust example of utilizing AI for the greater good. It doesn’t really stop us from buying something but it educates us and enables us to make informed decisions based on our values.

Right now, some of the biggest companies in this world are basically platforms and use platform technology. This extension seeks the same motivation and uses platform technology. Abdullah Choudhry-Arbor’s visionary- offers an insight, talking that as a platform, “We are not going to charge everyday customer but we’re going to incentivize good purchases and make sure that we are advocating for right companies.”

It’s time to be a part of a platform that encourages ethical practices.