Shopping for the best quality car storage

The managed car-storage business in the UK is now worth more than £19 million a year, with nearly 15,000 cars currently in facilities around the UK. Off of the back of this, as you can imagine, there is plenty of work to be had off of the back of this industry. There are no end of firms out there. This is in the sense of what you can go for and get as an end user.

When it comes to classic cars there are aspects to remember. For the most part, people drive these collector’s items only a few times each year, especially in summer, and require a safe and convenient location. On the other hand, many people also store their cars when going away on holiday or extended business trips. These are vehicles that are very much an investment. Car storage in hand is very much an investment.

The market for long-term car storage

While many people have enough space at home or in the garage, others have to make alternative arrangements. Of course, you can use a car cover but how effective is it against the elements? Wouldn’t you rather have complete peace of mind using a car storage facility? There is a big difference between not using your car for a few days and not using it for several months. To ensure your car is in tip-top condition all year round, you must prepare your vehicle for long-term car storage. While there are loads of tips out there, follow these basic maintenance and service tips to help protect your car.

Good car storage will look after the exterior of the vehicle

In the same way you clean your furniture before putting them in self storage, the same applies to your car. Use quality car care products to wash, buff and wax your car before covering and storing it. Remember to check the underside of your car and clean anything stuck at the bottom as it acts like a sponge, trapping moisture that increases the likelihood of rust. Always remove wiper blades or at least lift them up so they retain their shape so you don’t have to replace them later. Last but certainly not the least, remove all leaves, pine needles and other debris from the engine compartment and the area between the bonnet and the windshield.

Even basics like the tyres and battery will be taken care of too

Contrary to what many believe, flat spots are no longer a real issue. This is as new tyres are designed to protect against it. Even if flat spots appear during long term car storage, they will disappear after driving for approximately 100 miles. While that is true, it does not apply to antique cars or those using non-belted tyres. Common best practice is to deflate your tyres to 10psi less than what the manufacturer recommends. Also put your vehicle on jacks if storing for longer than 6 months. Electronics can quickly drain power from your battery so make sure you charge it to full capacity prior to storage. You could also use a trickle charger or battery conditioner. Once again, if storing for more than 6 months, it is best to disconnect your battery.

There are some key advantages to also take close note of too

Parking on the street is often dangerous for your vehicle and pedestrians and not to mention expensive. Many areas have exorbitant parking fees and they don’t even offer any real security or protection. Even when storing a classic car or seasonal vehicle, finding a suitable storage space at home is not always an easy task.


For many of us, the drawing in of night, the steady decline of where the thermometer reaches and the arrival of salt on the roads means one thing – time to store the classic car away. While we are, of course, huge advocates for using classics. There is no escaping the fact that Britain’s relationship with road salt is too great to overcome. And while the salt is good in terms of safety, it’s bad for the underside of your E Type. Plus, bad weather, dark conditions, poor classic car lighting and so on mean it becomes wholly unenjoyable to drive a classic in winter. It’s better to store it away and wait for spring. Overall, it can be said that this is for sure an investment and it is best and key you go for and hire in the best possible car storage firm.