To commend Senator Joseph J. Carraro of the state of New Mexico for his relief efforts to

provide assistance to the state of Louisiana in its hour of greatest need during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

WHEREAS, Senator Joseph J. Carraro immediately recognized the severe impact

that Hurricane Katrina had on the resources of the state of Louisiana; and

WHEREAS, Senator Carraro as a member of the Energy Council understood the urgency to transport materials and supplies that would be of paramount importance to

Louisiana immediately following this national catastrophe; andWHEREAS, Senator Carraro traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to confer withmembers of the Senate and the office of emergency preparedness to offer his considerable influence with the energy producing members of the Energy Council on which he serves with State Senator Chris Ullo of Louisiana; and

WHEREAS, Senator Carraro was in contact with officials of Citgo Petroleum Corporation, which had an undamaged petroleum producing plant in Louisiana to arrange for the delivery of fuel via tanker to supply the ravaged Southeast Louisiana; and

WHEREAS, Senator Carraro also arranged for the government of Venezuela to provide medical airborne hospital units to be provided to the devastated areas along the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast; and

WHEREAS, his eagerness and willingness to rush to assist our state cannot go unrecognized and must be gratefully acknowledged.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Senate of the Legislature of Louisiana commends Senator Joseph J. Carraro for his aid and support to Louisiana in its greatest hour of need.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that his efforts to provide fuel and medical assistance to enable our office of emergency preparedness to relieve the suffering of the citizens of Louisiana must be commended.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this Resolution shall be transmitted to the New Mexico Senate President, Ben Altamirano and the Honorable Joseph J. Carraro, New Mexico State Senator.

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