Sell My House On My Own in Georgia in 2022

Georgia’s real estate market is booming; the median sales price for Georgia homes rocketed 22% year-over-year. The current condition has impressive returns for home sellers wanting to sell their houses. 

But is selling a house for excellent returns easy in a place like Georgia? Yes, it is. Let us help you with our decision to sell a house with non-hefty procedures. 

How To Sell My House by myself, Georgia?

Every FSBO owner’s primary concern is, “How to sell my house by myself Georgia“. Indeed, selling a house is not easy, and selling it yourself can be the most challenging task if you don’t get the proper guidance. 

For a fact, a seller’s demand for getting the total value of their house can majorly be covered by the FSBO way. Because when selling a home as an owner, the person saves maximum on traditional realtors commission that ranges between 5-6% on total sales. 

In numbers, the charges make up somewhere between $32,000 depending upon the sales price. Aren’t the numbers surprising? Of course, it is. Why give up a hefty commission to a real estate agent when we can sell our house on our own? Keep reading to know more details about ‘How to sell my house by myself, Georgia.’ 

How To Sell My House Georgia?

The four best ways any seller can practice selling their house by themselves are: 

List on MLS: Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has become an essential aspect of real estate deals. It is a database that satisfies every buyer’s and seller’s requirements and needs in just one place. Moreover, listing on MLS is essential because Homes listed on the MLS sell faster and for 17% more. 

But homeowners marketing their house by themselves lose access to MLS, as only real estate professionals have the authority to access MLS. Nevertheless, to get listed on MLS, an FSBO owner usually pays out 2-3% of the commission to a listing agent. But with, house sellers can save their hard-earned money by giving off a meager amount of fees. 

Take Professional Photos: People judge a book by its cover, so ensure you get the best pictures of your house to post on the MLS listing. We recommend you get every angled image so a buyer can look closely at the home and make a solid decision before visiting the property in person.

Price Your Home Competitively: Knowing the worth of your property is very important, as it is the only base you can start a conversation with any potential buyer. Don’t just price your house depending on your wish, do careful market research and then place a bet. 

Learning the market is as important as other processes. It eliminates the chances of you getting a low value of your place and further scam details.

List on Craigslist: Though you have the best option of listing your house on MLS with, as an FSBO seller, if you sense that the home can be sold with limited attractions, consider posting it on Craigslist. It is the biggest and most effective classified ad platform.

Following the above-mentioned options, you can eliminate your worry about “how to sell my house Georgia” in just a few clicks. Besides, many other options are available under the tag of a low-commission real estate agent or a flat fee agent. But these agents have high hidden fees that can put you in trouble in the middle of the transaction. 

In addition, the mentioned agents are also believed not to provide the best services as they are linked to many other clients as well. Hence, in a significant case, working with a low commission/flat fee real estate agent can delay your sales, and you might not avail the best value of your property. 

How To Sell My House By Myself Georgia To A Cash Buying Company?

Apart from MLS listing, a seller can also opt to sell their house to a cash home buying company in Georgia. These are businesses that buy houses for fast cash. However, we only recommend cash home buying companies to sellers dealing with foreclosures, faulty property conditions, and other reasons. 

Moreover, if you’re in urgent need of fast cash, selling a house to a cash buyer business can meet your demand. Let’s break down the list of companies that buy houses in Georgia

Companies That Buy Houses In Georgia For Fast Cash?

The company that tops our list of “companies that buy houses in Georgia” is none other than The platform is America’s leading real estate platform that caters to every need of an FSBO seller. From listing on MLS to closing a profitable deal, Houzeo has more ideal prospects than any other company that can help you eliminate your concern about “how to sell my house by myself, Georgia.” 


Houzeo is the best option for an FSBO seller looking to sell their property for fast cash or by the traditional FSBO method. The platform covers a seller’s basic and advanced needs in exchange for a flat fee that comes in multiple offers and packages. You can check Houzeo reviews to know more about them.

An MLS listing via exposes the maximum number of cash buyers. It includes Opendoor and Homevestors, Zillow,, Redfin, and other big names that recently submitted cash offers on Houzeo.

How does Houzeo operate?

Houzeo answers your question “flat fee MLS Georgia”, as said, the platform operates on a flat fee, and the best plan for an FSBO seller is $349+. When selling your house for cash with, they just charge a service Fee of $349 and refrains sellers from other additional service charges or any undisclosed closing fee.

The platform provides its clients with complete cash offers by listing their property on multiple MLS listing platforms like Zillow,, and Redfin. All local and national cash buyers, including iBuyers, will be aware of your listing and compete for it.

The best part about Houzeo is that you can list any property in any condition and at any location in the United States of America. With Houzeo, you get access to flexible closing dates & offer terms and authority to negotiate the cash terms you want for your closing.

As Houzeo is available in 46 states across the U.S., you can market to local cash buyers almost anywhere and attain comprehensive national coverage for your MLS listing and attract the right buyer for your sales. 

We would highly recommend Houzeo to any seller who wants to attain maximum cash offers and conceivable buyers. With Houzeo’s gold plan, sellers can also have Houzeo’s advanced features to negotiate the best terms for their cash offer.


Opendoor is the biggest iBuyer company trusted by millions of individuals for reaching fast cash deals. Founded in 2014, Opendoor launched its iBuying model, which uses market data and technology to provide households with instant cash. The platform’s final cash offer is calculated after closing costs, typically 6% to 13%. You can check Opendoor reviews to know more about them.

How Does Opendoor Operate?

The platform operates on a service fee model of 5% of the home sale price. They typically offer 90% to 100% of fair market value (FMV) for houses only in desirable neighborhoods and in excellent condition. Opendoor provides a flexible closing date, up to 45 days out. 

However, they offer inflexible terms and conditions that can change significantly after the home inspection. Unlike, the company has limited coverage and only operates in 50 U.S states. 

Opendoor is best suitable for sellers with a house location and condition requiring no or fewer repairs. If your house fits the formal requirements of this platform, go ahead with the process and avail the best fast cash deal possible.

Final Words

That was all about it. We hope to have helped you with your doubts regarding “how to sell my house by myself, Georgia” or “how to sell my house Georgia for fast cash .”Working with can help you save thousands on real estate agent commissions and avail you of the best fast cash offers by listing your property on MLS.