Self-defense keychains for protection? But which one is suitable for you? Find below

Personal safety is a major concern that we should all take seriously. There is nothing more precious than our own lives. Therefore, if we have to spend a few bucks for our protection so be it. This might turn out to be the best investment that you ever make. Because we never know when a jerk is going to attack us to rob us of our belongings.

These popular self-defense keychains come in a variety of ways. You don’t need any sort of special self-defense training to use them as well. However, choosing the right self defense keychain is exactly what might be bugging you. The most popular keychains in the market are discussed in detail below. You will be able to make a well-informed decision about the keychain that you need.

1. Keychain alarms: 

Keychain alarms are the best possible tool to give the attacker a surprise. With loud sounds emitted from the keychain, everyone in the street will be alert. In this way, your attacker will try to run away instead of inflicting any harm on you. They can be effective in distracting the attacker or getting help from strangers at the scene.

2. Keychain pepper sprays: 

When sprayed with a keychain pepper spray in you’re your attacker is going to lose vision temporarily. Highly effective in countering a thief a keychain pepper spray can be your savior. However, pepper sprays require preciseness and accuracy, and if you are unable to accurately hit the thief in the eyes. You might end up risking your life as the thief will be aware of your attack. Therefore, be sure to hit the eyes on the first try itself.

3. Knuckle keychains: 

With a metal knob at the end a knuckle keychain can be a vicious tool to lure away a mugger. The knuckle keychains might require some training, but they are highly effective in combating a mugger. You can even cause serious injury to the mugger if you can hit him accurately with the Knuckle keychains.

4. Keychain kubotans: 

A Kubotan is a small stick that you can use to strike a person who is trying to annoy you. The Kubotan is just about the size of a pen and can easily be carried with a keychain. However, don’t expect a lot from a Kubotan because it might not be able to save you from a dangerous attacker.

5. Keychain stun guns: 

Never heard about a stun gun? Have you ever heard about a taser? A stun gun is like a taser, but it is a bit minimalistic. Keychain stun guns are small, easy to carry, and lightweight. These are effective tools to combat an aggressive attacker as he will be unconscious once you hit the right spot.

Some last words:

While selecting a safety keychain it is important to ask why you need a self-defense keychain. Is it just to deviate from an attacker or to alert others? Or do you seriously want to engage in combat with the attacker? 

Self-defense keychains and pepper sprays might be useful in alerting the people around you if you are getting mugged. On the other hand, keychain kubotans and keychain stun guns mean that you will have to engage with the attacker. It might get a little more dangerous if you are trying to take on a robber as he might attack you back. 

This is why, if you don’t have any self-defense training, it is preferable to go with a keychain alarm or keychain pepper spray.

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