Salaman Rasoli, Health Entrepreneur On His Goals & How He Aims For A Healthy World!

Running a business is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of patience, determination and dedication. One faces ups and down at the initial stage, but giving up won’t help them. Despite all this, Salaman Rasoli, a second-year PA student, is running a successful healthcare venture. Through his website and influence on social media, Rasoli spreads the importance of exercising and living a healthy life.

Salaman Rasoli uses different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and others to spread his work and message. He educates about the importance of proper health and nutrition and believes that it is key to maximizing longevity in the long run.

On his Instagram page, Salaman Rasoli enjoys a following of more than 16k people. He uses the platform to tell people how they should start making efforts to have a healthy lifestyle. It is his goal to stay updated with the latest literature and his extensive education and knowledge about the human body greatly speaks for itself. As he said, “Due to technological advances, I predict within the next decade, there will be a profound change in how we practice medicine; and the treatment options pertaining to cognitive dysfunction pathologies will shine some light on diet and lifestyle to be taken seriously.”

Salaman Rasoli has great plans for his venture and his followers in the future. By 2021, he hopes to graduate from PA school and grow his business at a larger scale. He always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and expand his health and fitness services by 2021. He aims to achieve it by launching his stimulant-free and stimulant containing pre-workout supplement.

The reason Salaman Rasoli decided to be a health influencer/entrepreneur is to make a change in the world. He is a staunch believer of fitness and a healthy life. He wants more and more individuals to be aware of their health and take control. Through his website, anyone and everyone can learn regardless of their education level. Salaman focuses on educating in a way that everyone can understand, specifically targeting underserved populations where he hopes to practice medicine as a clinician.