SafeOpt: A Powerful Tool for Brands

Did you know that the average person will see up to five thousand advertisements in one day? Did you also know that 70% of people block ads on their devices? With so many people blocking ads, marketers are trying to figure out how to reach consumers where they are. The internet is ever-changing and quite different than it was just a few years ago. Websites must register with Google and get verified before they can show ads, which means users have an easy time knowing whether or not a site is trustworthy. These changes have made it increasingly difficult for marketers to reach shoppers online. However, this does not mean you should stop advertising your brand online. Instead, you need to change your tactics about how you promote your brand and where you advertise it. And thankfully, there are tools available to help make things easier for marketers who want to reach their ideal customer base.

SafeOpt is one of these tools. If your goal is to increase revenue and improve conversions or ROI, get comfortable and have a look! In this comprehensive article, we’ll take a deeper look at SafeOpt, and analyze its key benefits, reviews, and other reasons to use this platform.

What is SafeOpt?

First, let’s start with defining what SafeOpt is. SafeOpt is a tool that allows eCommerce stores to reach their target customers online while giving those customers great deals. Even the ones that don’t sign up for an email list. SafeOpt does this through their network of 175M+ shoppers that have joined and are waiting for emails from SafeOpt’s partner sites.

How SafeOpt Works

To better understand how SafeOpt works, it helps first understand how standard ad networks work. Traditional ad networks rely on cookies, which are small files that track people’s browsing history as they move from site to site. This can be a problem, especially when you’re trying to reach your target audience.

For example, if you were a chiropractor and you wanted to target people who were about to get married, you wouldn’t want to target people who were already married. Doing so would only waste your money and annoy your customers. Instead, you would like to reach people who are single but who are not necessarily planning a wedding in the near future. Cookies make this harder to do, so you’d likely see less success with this approach.

With SafeOpt functionality, users can easily create and track marketing campaigns. Simply put, you can create ads and see how they perform by adding data about the target audience, goals, etc. Beyond this, SafeOpt also provides tools that can help users improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Why Brands Should Use SafeOpt

This platform has users from all over the globe. At this very moment, there are more than 175 million shoppers in this network. So, this means that you have a large potential audience to work with.

Promoting your brand and products to a broader group of people is easier when you are on a larger network. When you are on a smaller platform, it is harder to promote your products and brand because it is more concentrated . The more people that you are able to promote your brand to, the better. This also means that there is a higher chance of people discovering your brand as well.

As you can see, SafeOpt is a powerful tool for marketers. So, now, let’s see the key reasons why brands must use it.

Permission-based personalization

With SafeOpt, brands can easily enhance personalization efforts with their client database and create fantastic experiences for clients. You can create a variety of customized email campaigns. The best part is that these emails will be sent with permission, so you won’t annoy your customers. As you know, the most important thing for any marketing effort is trust. With SafeOpt, you can be sure that you are sending emails with permission, and you won’t break your company’s email marketing policy.

The best thing about SafeOpt is that it allows you to personalize content based on your client’s unique interests and previous purchases. For example, suppose you are running a campaign for

a new product. With SafeOpt, you can segment your clients and display personalized messages to them.

Reach incremental customers

With SafeOpt, you can prevent coupon code abuse by matching SafeOpt codes to your CRM. When you set up the software, you can select the customer segments you want to allow to use coupons. That way, you know your best customers are rewarded, and your valuable coupon codes are not leaked onto coupon sites.

Check out SafeOpt email reviews, and you’ll see that it’s a powerful tool that millions of users have already tested! In addition, SafeOpt can also be used to create different landing pages for different segments. This way, you can make sure that the message on the page and offers are relevant to each customer group. Simply put, you have the ability to segment SafeOpt coupons by email and IP address. This allows you to reach incremental customers and grow your business with SafeOpt.

Enhance your ROI

The developers of this platform built various plans that can surely fit the requirements of eCommerce brands (no matter whether it’s a small company or a huge enterprise). In this manner, you don’t have to worry about losing potential customers due to the higher costs of the software.

In a nutshell, SafeOpt is designed for both large enterprises as well as small and mid-sized businesses. It provides a wide range of features and functionalities that are suitable for all types of eCommerce businesses. Additionally, you can undoubtedly rely on SafeOpt to deliver

high-quality results. The software has a proven track record and has been helping businesses in various industries to achieve their goals for many years. For more information about these plans, you should visit their website.

Improve Loyalty

Create engaging customer experiences while respecting customer privacy in the future. With SafeOpt, you can improve customer experience, reduce drop-off, and increase conversion rates. Moreover, your customers can opt-in to receive personalized content when they feel it is valuable and beneficial or opt out at any time. With these tools, the company will be able to provide the best customer experience while respecting the customer’s privacy.

This is a very valuable and essential tool in digital marketing strategy. You want to ensure that you give your customers the best experience possible, so you must collect data. The data will help you determine what they like and don’t like in a SafeOpt campaign. It will also help you choose the best marketing materials they respond to.

Improve conversions

No matter whether you have a small company or a vast enterprise, the main goal of your business is to earn money. It goes without saying that you are interested in growing revenue. With SafeOpt, you can increase conversions by reaching new clients you can’t reach today.

SafeOpt enables you to see the percentage of new clients compared to the earnings from your current clients, and it helps you to reward your best customers. Apart from that, SafeOpt can tell you which of your website’s landing pages are receiving more traffic and which ones are not converting well. You can then work to improve these landing pages to increase conversions.

Brand collaboration

Another benefit of using SafeOpt for brands is a chance to join hundreds of other brands working together to enhance customer experiences and grow revenue. Working together allows brands to increase the number of impressions on customers.

SafeOpt enables brands to work together by allowing them to create a profile on the platform, connect with other brands, and choose the categories of content that they would like to produce. When brands work together, they create a more meaningful experience for customers who might not be interested in one brand but might be interested in another.

Leading Online Luxury Brands: Case Study

We’ve just covered the key reasons why luxury brands should use the functionality of SafeOpt to grow their businesses. However, you probably want to see facts that can prove this. We have a vivid example.

Because luxury brands charge a premium for their items, shoppers expect to pay more. The amount of time it takes to make a final decision on a purchase is directly proportional to how much money an average individual spends on it. This extra decision time may result in lower conversion rates for online luxury brands.

Many of SafeOpt’s clients in the luxury brands sector want to maximize their website traffic for minimal lost visitors and the highest conversions possible.

Thanks to SafeOpt email campaigns, you can send emails to your potential customers (interested shoppers) who have already engaged in the brand stores of SafeOpt.

Considering the number of SafeOpt’s users (over 175 million), brands can send 3-5x more behavioral emails than they can by using traditional marketing tools.

Take a closer look at the picture below to learn more about such marketing campaigns’ effectiveness.

Once you open SafeOpt, you can see that this platform cares about its users and offers a massive collection of valuable tools. One of them is a growth calculator. This tool was developed for hesitant marketers that are unsure if investing in SafeOpt is a good idea.

However, with this tool’s help, you can estimate how much revenue you can generate. Enter the following data:

  • US unique visitors per month
  • Your store’s average order value
  • Post-click conversion rate

After that, just request a demo, and you can receive a detailed report about your investment in SafeOpt; if you decide to give it a try, you will be able to see the results.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the platform you choose to promote your products or services, you want to make sure that you are reaching a targeted audience. This will maximize the amount of money you make from your marketing campaign.

When you use SafeOpt, you can reach your customers while remaining anonymous. This protects you and your customers and ensures that you reach real people interested in your products. When used correctly, SafeOpt can help you to improve your marketing campaigns and reach your target audience. You can do this by using advanced targeting, being exclusive with multiple ad networks, and remaining anonymous. These three tips will help you to reach your customers and maximize your marketing efforts using SafeOpt.