The Even more Exciting Part of this Trip!

The desert safari is STILL way more than what we have discussed so far. Surprised you may be but disappointed? Never. The wildlife and your adventure does not just end there because now we have an animal that you can be even closer to and make friends with. You may have already guessed by now.

Camels! Now where else in the world would you casually hike up on a camel back and travel a few kilometres? Only in desert safari I tell you. From a tiny round to deciding to travel the entire length, the choice is yours. It is an experience on it owns, riding camels, and that too in the desert safari? It truly is out of this world. It is exhilarating! This is another thing you would not find anywhere else in the world. Now this is your first mode of transport out of the way. Not the most conventional but surely the most exciting.

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Coming on to the next mode is our quad bikes! Of course you saw this one coming. Who wouldn’t? It is everywhere on catalogues that talk about Dubai and its everywhere on the internet. Now this is a major shift from your peaceful, a little bumpy, slow camel ride. A whole shift in pace, quad bikes bring even more excitement and thrill to your trips. And not too fast, it is not just about these bikes. Yes, you still have skiing in the sand and dune bashing to do.

We have all only ever skied in the snow or heard about skiing in the snow but what is desert safari if not a completely unique experience? Another thing to add to our list of rides; buggy rides!

One very calming yet beautiful experience in the desert safari is the overnight camping. Now, look at it more like glamping, or whatever it is kids call it these days. Sure, you are in the desert and you have no phone service.

You are miles and miles away from home in a foreign land, out in open air, under the clear sky at night, but all the luxuries dubai has to offer are brought to you. Beautiful camps are set for you and all the travellers. Tents are there at your disposal with warm lights hanging over you and some lamps on the tables and chairs arranged for you.

Lisa page husband joseph burrow

Soft music plays in the background and you are served the finest of the finest food in that starry night. A night that glistens in the warm lights and the stars that shine. The camping part of the trips could be one of the most calming and spiritual experience for many. It is the time you really sit and take in the desert safari and connect with the people around you.

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It is here when you witness the beauty of community and diversity. You sit and talk to people who have come from all sorts of different backgrounds, with all sorts of jobs and ethnicities, and somehow you ended up in the same place, together, miles and miles away from home. You connect over music, food, your trip,s and life and find yourself completely dissociated from the chaos of the cities you have flown from. You do not have to check your emails twenty-four seven and it is so liberating an experience. Truly something we all need.