Roof Windows or Panoramic Walls? Pros and Cons When Building an Extension

Choosing between roof windows and panoramic walls can be a challenging decision when building an extension. Both options offer their advantages and disadvantages.

Roof windows offer plenty of natural light and can increase the energy efficiency of your house. However, they can be difficult to clean and you may have to deal with unexpected weather conditions, such as rain.

On the other hand, panoramic walls offer unobstructed views of the surroundings and can be aesthetically appealing. They can also be energy-efficient if properly insulated. However, the glass can cause glare and there can be issues with privacy.

When choosing between roof windows and panoramic walls, it’s important to consider both your desires and needs, as well as the limitations and possibilities of your home.

When should you opt for roof windows? 

Roof windows are an ideal choice if your goal is to increase natural light in a room or improve ventilation. They are a great option for rooms that are very attic or dark. They can also be very useful in rooms where you want to maintain privacy but still want natural light, such as a bathroom. Roof windows are also the choice if you want to add a unique architectural element to your home. However, potential challenges such as cleaning and maintenance should also be considered when choosing roof windows.

Downsides of choosing roof windows 

Despite their numerous advantages, roof windows also bring certain challenges. The first is the difficulty of cleaning, as access to them is often hindered, making maintenance more demanding. In addition, unexpected weather, like heavy rain or hail, can be problematic, as it can penetrate through the windows if they are not well-sealed. Insulation and energy efficiency can also be a challenge, as roof windows can cause greater heat loss in winter or overheating of the room in summer. Lastly, privacy issues can arise, especially in bedrooms or bathrooms, if they are not adequately shaded. When choosing roof windows, it’s important to pay appropriate attention to these weaknesses and take them into account in planning and execution.

Why would you rather choose a panoramic wall for an extension? 

Panoramic walls are a great choice if you want to add a modern look to your home. They offer a wide, unobstructed visual connection to the outside, which can contribute to a greater spaciousness and openness of your space. They are also an ideal solution for rooms where the view of the surroundings is an important factor. Panoramic walls can also allow greater natural lighting, which can reduce the need for artificial light and contribute to the energy efficiency of your home. However, when choosing panoramic walls, it’s important to consider potential challenges, such as maintenance complexity, the need for privacy, and the possibility of glare.

Why a panoramic wall might not be a good idea? 

Panoramic walls, despite everything, bring certain challenges. The first thing to consider is maintenance. Glass can get dirty or scratched over time, which can affect the visual quality of the view. Another challenge is privacy. While panoramic walls offer a magnificent view, they also provide insight into your home, which can be a privacy issue, especially if they face a neighboring house or public area. The third consideration is glare. Glass can reflect sunlight into your eyes or onto the TV screen, which can cause discomfort. Lastly, glass is not as insulating as other types of materials, which means that panoramic walls may not be the best for energy efficiency. All these downsides are important to consider before you decide on panoramic walls.

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