Rj Akshay aka Akshay gholve is unstoppable and goes on Entertaining people through his different skills of Anchoring.

The name which is coming on boom nowadays with different public entertaining skills of Anchoring, yes he is none other then RJ Akshay aka Akshay gholve. After pandamic situations thinking in mind people have stared events , function, marriages , parties etc

Everyone first need is a good anchor for this Who can make the whole crowd entertain. In this situation they find the best anchors for it. Rj Akshay is that name who is a celebrity anchor and his dates are booked for months . It’s very hard to find his dates for any show or events. He is one of the famous Rj celebrity anchor from Maharashtra who makes his impact by making audiences go crazy by his anchoring.

Akshay’s story is very unique from others thus Akshay has completed his education in Engineering field, being an engineer everyone does job or starts their own business but Akshay never got a kick in his mind and Heart to do a job , he always wanted to do something different, he had good speaking skills , nice and attractive personality , he stared doing Anchoring in small shows , Events , parties etc , people started acknowledging him and praising for his talent , this boasted his moral and he gave interviews for being an radio jokey. He was the only first Rj in Pune to cover palkhi , outdoor everts which was covered by very few RJ ‘s .

Rj Akshay gholve with his unique talent always made people loved him by the way of his talking and entertaining them. Rj Akshay is born and bought up in Pune city.

Today Akshay is one of the famous celebrity Anchor in india and across the country.
People make rush to see Rj Akshay and attend his events to just see him and enjoy his work of Anchoring . He has many followers all over .
Speaking with Rj Akshay he says that he always like to entertain people and will always do. Till now he has done many shows with Bollywood celebrities and influencers too. Rj Akshay’s basic funda of life is give love and take love. Thus he always likes to entertain the people with his good skills and talent.
Hope sooo we see more surprises elements would come from him in future from his anchoring.