Ring Come True is Helping Clients Learn More About Lab Grown Diamond Alternatives

LOS ANGELES, California – Ring Come True, a trusted name in ethical jewelry is changing the way North Americans perceive weddings, engagements, and other traditions eliciting mined diamond jewelry. Ring Come True’s concierge design service allows each customer to work closely with an industry professional to help them in producing the ring design of their dreams. Ring Come True is a direct-to-consumer brand emphasizing lab-grown alternatives in the form of moissanite and lab-grown diamonds, that also focuses on educating the general public on the benefits of choosing a diamond alternative.

Ring Come True offers affordable engagement rings, as well as the skill and industry resources to make your dream ring a reality at a price you can actually afford. Consumers are now actively looking for diamond alternatives that provide lifelong durability, shine, and wear, without the environmental impact or price tag of a mined diamond and this is what Ring Come True provides. 

The market is changing, as nearly 70% of millennials are looking to buy a lab-grown diamond alternative. “While diamonds may be “forever”, they are not for everyone”, says Ring Come True Founder, Shir Andrews. This is where Ring Come True comes in. The brand is redefining what the new forever looks like and disrupting an age-old industry, long overdue for change.

What Ring Come True Offers;

  • Beautiful Pieces at Affordable Prices – Ring Come True offers affordable engagements and jewelry with moissanite & lab-grown diamond designs so you don’t have to break the bank to get high-quality, timeless jewelry that will stand the test of time. 
  • Ethical and Masterfully Crafted – Ring Come True’s moissanite & lab-grown diamonds are simply that, lab-grown. No blood diamonds or earth mining is needed here. 
  • Handmade in Canada – Every order is handmade in Canada by their in-house manufacturing team with love and care. 
  • A Team of Experts – Ring Come True is your online personal jeweler, having gathered a team of trusted experts in getting you the ring of your dreams. 

Ring Come True also offers free consultations and fast delivery to ensure clients find the best piece for them as quickly as possible. All deliveries require a signature, ensuring that you get your package directly and safely.

For someone who thinks outside the box, is economical, yet likes the finer things in life without the elevated price tag,  Ring Comes True is the service for you. All products are custom and handmade to order at their head office in Toronto, Canada, ship worldwide, and are ready for delivery in 4-6 weeks. 

Ring Come True offers an assortment of diamond alternative engagement rings and jewelry made with  moissanite, lab-grown diamonds, and gemstones that can be fully customized to your preferences. All of their jewelry is made from recycled gold or platinum, moissanite, and/or lab-grown diamonds. Orders can be made through Ring Come True’s trusted and qualified concierge design team by emailing, or via their website’s custom ring and jewelry builder which is both impressive and a lot of fun to play with. The brand helps consumers who are actively looking for diamond alternatives bridge the gap to a product that will provide lifelong durability, shine, and wear, without the environmental impact or price tag of mined diamond jewelry.

Ring Come True was founded on the principles of creating an ethical, affordable option for lux jewelry and engagement rings. “With our business, we are redefining and changing the way consumers purchase high-quality, luxury jewelry by offering affordable options. Ring Come True was built to be accessible to everyone and we are the future of high-end jewelry that will always come at a fraction of the cost.” – Shir Andrews, Founder, Ring Come True 

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