Revive Your Eyes: Rejuvenate Sunken Eyes with Under Eye Filler 

If the hollow area under your eyes makes you appear tired or older than you really are, dermal fillers may provide a solution. When selecting an under eye filler product to treat this delicate area, opt for something FDA-approved specifically, says our dermatologist in Mumbai.

Juvederm Volbella is an ideal solution for under eye fillers as it offers the right balance of stiffness, flexibility, dispersion, and swelling behavior.


Restylane is an effective under eye filler designed to treat eye wrinkles. Composed of hyaluronic acid and lidocaine to alleviate discomfort during injection, Restylane offers quick and painless results for treating wrinkles around the eyes.

Restylane treatments tend to last between 9-12 months, depending on how quickly your body processes the gel. You can repeat treatment to maintain your appearance.

Hyaluronic acid fillers offer a safe and non-invasive method to improve the look of dark circles under the eyes, yet it is crucial that an experienced cosmetic injector perform the procedure. As this delicate under eye area requires great skill for injection, it would be wise to have this treatment administered by either an oculofacial plastic surgeon or dermatologist with expertise in face. Medical spas may pose greater risks.


Dark circles, puffiness, or general hollowing under the eye area are issues many patients are concerned with. Soft cosmetic fillers such as Juvederm can provide temporary solutions while for those comfortable with surgery blepharoplasty is an alternative long-term option.

Juvederm contains hyaluronic acid that stimulates your body’s natural regenerative processes, making it a safe and effective under eye filler for sunken eyes. In addition, its thin gel consistency creates a natural look lasting up to 9 months – providing safe results with its use!

Retinol cream may also provide an effective solution to sunken eyes; it works to diminish fine lines and dark circles by increasing healthy cell turnover. Before seeking medical advice regarding fillers under your eyes, however, consult with a cosmetic fellowship-trained and board-certified dermatologist or oculoplastic board-certified plastic surgeon first.


Radiesse is a dermal filler made with synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended in gel for instant results. Once injected, these microspheres create a lattice beneath your skin to encourage natural collagen formation resulting in a healthier look overall. Since the material used is similar to minerals found within humans, allergy testing isn’t necessary.

Radiesse’s non-dissolvable composition means its results can last four times longer than popular hyaluronic acid fillers, although the gel will still gradually dissolve over time and improve results even as its composition naturally degrades.

Radiesse filler can also help address other facial concerns, including wrinkles above lips and lines that form an underturned smile, adding definition to jawline and neck. Furthermore, it may smooth vertical glabellar lines that create an uncomfortable look as well as reduce or eliminate small lesions or saucer-shaped acne scars.


Sculptra is an FDA-approved filler used to correct indentations and hollowness underneath the eyes. Constructed of Poly-L-lactic acid, which stimulates natural production of collagen production within your body. As a result, its effects may last for two years with increased skin volume and decreased nasolabial folds.

At each treatment session, your doctor will mark out an injection grid on your face before applying a topical or local anesthetic to ensure that no pain will be felt during the procedure. After injections have been administered, an ice pack may be applied post-injections in order to minimize swelling.


As with other dermal fillers, Sculptra requires a comprehensive medical consultation in order to ensure its safety and efficacy for you. Be sure to inform the physician if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have bleeding or keloid scarring, take any blood-thinners such as aspirin or ibuprofen medication or have had previous cases of granulomas, says our dermatologist in Mumbai.