Remove People from Images with AI Technology Object Remover

We usually take photos with our mobile phones or cameras to record the wonderful moments in our lives. In the process of taking photos and post-processing, we may encounter unwanted objects in the picture, which may interfere with the visual effect of the photograph or, in serious cases, ruin the whole picture, whether it’s a bustling crowd in a cityscape or an unsightly object that disrupts the composition.

We can avoid these elements as much as possible by switching lenses, zooming in or out while shooting. But what would you do if we wanted to remove these distractions in post-processing?

You will surely think of tools like Gimp and PhotoShop for traditional image editing. Still, the simpler and more efficient AI Object Remover allows you to easily remove objects from your images with just a few clicks. Let’s explore this fantastic tool together!

Object Remover is a photo magic eraser with excellent results and simple operation. It combines state-of-the-art AI technology to easily remove any object you don’t want on your pictures.

Object Remover is just a few clicks away, unlike PhotoShop, which requires proficiency in photo editing and no need to search for online tutorials. It is very novice-friendly, and anyone can remove unwanted objects from their photos using Object Remover.

Customize your editing experience with adjustable brush and inpaint strengths tailored to the subject’s size that you intend to remove. This flexibility guarantees impressive erasing effects for virtually any photo. Benefit from swift processing that streamlines your workflow, ensuring a seamless experience.

Benefits of Object Remover

  • It is entirely free to use and highly cost-effective.
  • Fast processing speed, basically within a minute.
  • Save time, improve efficiency, and simplify workflow.
  • Personalized processing options, brush size, and erase strength support adjustment.
  • Simple operation, upload photos and then click and smear to complete the erasure.
  • Beginner friendly, no need to be proficient in image editing knowledge, ultra-short learning curve.
  • Utilizing advanced AI technology, the effect is accurate and outstanding. Enhance the visual effect of pictures.

How Does AI Object Remover Work?

1. Image recognition

Artificial Intelligence algorithms first analyze the image to identify the elements and background in the picture. Already the photo frame, whether there are people or other specified objects. This is achieved through sophisticated pattern recognition and deep learning techniques.

2. Selection of people for removal

The user selects the passersby to be removed from the picture by painting them with a brush. Once Object Remover recognizes the objects, it creates a mask around them, isolating them from the rest of the image. The mask helps the algorithm distinguish between the picture’s foreground and background.

3. Background Restore

After generating a mask, Object Remover intelligently repairs and restores the background by repairing the area previously occupied by the removed figure. The technique seamlessly combines the background after it is predicted and fixed based on the surrounding pixels and background.

4. Fine-tuning

To ensure accuracy and precision, AI may apply fine-tuning techniques. It refines the image and removes any artifacts or inconsistencies left after the initial removal process, such as detailed textures.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using AI Object Remover

Step 1: Upload images

Select the photo for which you need to perform character object erasure. Go to the official website of Object Remover. Drag and drop the image into the box or click the purple button “Upload an Image” Supported image formats are Jpg, Png, and Jpeg.

Step 2: Resize Brush

The operation page will be displayed after the image has been uploaded. 

You can put the mouse in the position of the character you want to erase to see if the purple color of the brush can cover the character completely. If you need to adjust the brush, move the “Brush Size” slider on the right side of the operation panel.

Step 3: Paint and select the figure to erase.

Once the brush has been resized, drag the mouse to paint and cover the character you want to erase. Make sure the details of the character are also covered with the purple brush. Click the “Erase” button in the lower right corner of the panel to erase.

Step 4: Viewing the Erase Effect

Wait for a few seconds to remove the unwanted characters from the image, and when you’re done, you can see the erased photo directly. If you feel the effect needs to be adjusted, drag the slider to adjust the erasing intensity.

Step 5: View and Save

If you are satisfied with the erasing effect and want to save it, select the “Download” button at the bottom right corner to save it locally.

Best Practices for Using AI Object Remover

Tip 1: Use the right quality images

Ensure that the original images are not blurred while presenting great visuals and that the suitable resolution and sharpness maintain the overall quality of the edited photos. Within the range of 2K, if the image is too high quality or too large, it will considerably slow down the processing speed.

Tip 2: Check for details

When applying an overlay to remove a character, check that the character’s hair, fingers, eyelashes, and prominent details are fully covered. The size of the brush can be changed as you use it, and in the case of detailing, the brush can even be shrunk.

Tip 3: Adjust the results

You can do it again if the erasing effect needs to be adjusted. Or you can adjust the “Inpaint Strength” of Object Remover and change the drawing method to enhance the result. Different erase strengths and application methods give different results.

Tip 4: Removing Shadows

Remember the shadow of the character while removing the character. Whether it’s on the floor, wall, or object, you can remove it as appropriate. The overall visual effect can not be completely removed if it does not affect.


Discover the enchanting capabilities of Object Remover that extend far beyond mere character removal in images. Seamlessly eliminate unsightly creases, bothersome spots, and other imperfections mar vintage photographs. Aptly hailed as the ultimate picture-perfecting wand, Object Remover is your go-to magic eraser.

Embark on a journey to elevate our travel snapshots with the unparalleled prowess of Object Remover. Our cherished tourist photos are about to undergo a revolutionary transformation. With Object Remover at our fingertips, any undesirable element within our frames becomes expendable, promising a trove of delightful surprises in every click!

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