Reign Valcross – The Diamond Influencer Known As Dubai’s Finest.

When you here about Influencers the first place you might think of Is Dubai. Many of the richest influencers in the world have taken their entire careers to the next level after moving to the United Arab Emirates. Reign Valcross is single handedly paving his own lane in the Arab influencer world decoding an entire new hustle in the Diamond industry. What if major companies offered to pay you thousands or millions just to showcase their diamonds? I’m sure most of us wouldn’t turn down the offer.

When you become the first to do something it doesn’t take long for people to catch on and Reign Valcross likes to do things that haven’t been done yet. You can look up Diamond Influencers anywhere online and you will not find any because they don’t exist until now. It’s not something I can see just anybody doing. It has to be something completely intriguing about you to make this an actual thing. The Diamond Business is a serious game. You have to be business savvy to make money in it. It’s a trillion dollar industry.

The start of Valcross becoming a Diamond Influencer simply came from him walking into expensive diamonds stores , finding the most expensive pieces and speeding up the process of getting it sold. Even it if it doesn’t get sold Reign is still bringing businesses a new wave of traffic they weren’t getting before. In 2022 all you have to do is put on a certain piece of jewelry in a picture with a link and people will immediately click and buy. That’s the beauty of the internet.

Here’s the best part of it all. Dubai is a top tier city and Reign has been heavily active in the UAE for 2 years now. Living in Dubai means you are at the top. We’ve all fantasized about standing next to the Burj Khalifa as Reign is dressed in all black while the city lights light up the night. That’s powerful marketing. Valcross has built a multi-chore in the early stages of his career. Companies in New York , Brazil , Saudi Arabia , India and more are currently branded by the Diamond tycoon. Already on a high pedestal Reign’s royal , business , aesthetic and desirable style of imagery absolutely makes him Dubai’s Finest.