Reasons Why Shoppers Choose In-Store Pickup

Buy online pick up in-store, also known as BOPIS, is when you order a product online but collect the item in brick and mortar. The concept of BOPIS was not unknown to people before the pandemic. However, the pandemic has created a need for social distance and safety, which led to the rise of the concept and made it one of the trending shopping options. Most people love to browse the internet and order things online while also visiting the store to collect them, allowing them to experience the glimmer of visiting stores.

Buy Online Pickup In-Store Statistics

  • In the United States, around 67% of the shoppers love the concept of BOPIS and have used the idea in the past six months.
  • Moreover, according to market analysts, 10% of the sales will be made through BOPIS “click and collect” by 2025.
  • According to statistics, 49% of the buyers who visit the store to pick items make additional purchases at the store.
  •  Moreover, 50% of the shoppers only go shopping from e-commerce sites that allow in-store pickups.

Around 90% of the retailers planned to adopt the BOPIS plan by 2022. The main reason BOPIS is a trend is that it contributes to a contest against Amazon, caters to millennials, keeps up with the competitors, attracts shoppers to make additional purchases, etc. BOPIS is popular because it lets customers check the products before carrying them home. It is more convenient; they can avoid the shipping cost, and they can return the product instantly.

Why Do People Buy Online Pick-up In-Store?

The primary purpose of ordering online is not only to go through a wide range of collections, but also to avail of fantastic discounts that retailers offer from time to time. However, various other reasons attract people to buy an online in-store pickup.

How Does Buy Online Pick Up In-Store Work?

One of the best strategies retailers uses these days to attract traffic is connecting with their customers with both online and offline services. The customer goes through the e-commerce store online and orders their desired products. The store prepares the customer’s order, only for them to visit the store and pick it up.

The Main Reasons Why Shoppers May Choose BOPIS

During the pandemic session, the demand for online pickup in stores has improved by 200%. After a year of pandemic, the trend is still going strong and has no way of changing any sooner.

1. Saves Shipping Charges

Many times, customers select their items, and while checking out of their cart, they abandon them due to high shipping charges. Shipping costs play a huge role in the shopping decision of people. According to research, 95% of online shoppers agree that the delivery fees impact their purchase decision. 36% of the customers agree to abandon the cart to buy shortly.

Same-day pickup in-store helps you save a lot of money on shopping charges for your consumers and ensures maximum use of online sales. Customers can also choose the store they plan to pick up items from and reap the advantages of same-day delivery. One of the best ways to lever the sale is by conducting buy online pick up in-store. Moreover, you can save millions by adopting in-store inventory and getting products from nearby stores rather than faraway warehouses.

2. Increase In-house Traffic

Every retailer’s nightmare “retail apocalypse” may occur anytime, so they look for new ways to avoid it. Therefore, incentivizing store visits is very important. Companies that offer same-day pickup not only increase their foot traffic, but the majority of these customers not only pick up their pre-ordered items, but also buy additional items. Moreover, the in-store employees can interact with the employees and converse with them in person. This not only increases their rating on a better shopping experience, but also helps to instil brand loyalty. Even for companies that do not own any physical stores and partnerships with wholesalers, BOPIS supports them too. Flexible pick up and easy return options make it a popular offer among customers. Moreover, it helps the customers to interact through online and offline channels.

3. Increase Average Order Value

Once the customer enters your shop to collect the pre-order item, it’s time to upsell the customer. Sometimes, it occurs naturally; as the customer enters the shop, they look around the racks, clothes, or other items and may make one or two store purchases. In some cases, customers were found to take note of the products and come back the next day or next week to buy those products. Therefore, the BOPIS has made it easier to increase customers’ AOV (average order value). Many companies take up educating their employees to upsell their customers seriously. Ongoing and extensive incentive programs will help you encourage the store employees to participate in the journey. No matter what program you decide on, your employees must stick together.

4. Improve Customer Satisfaction

One of the significant reasons why stores must enforce BOPIS (Buy online, pick up in-store) the same day is because customers love it. A retailer’s entire journey must rely on how to deliver the best experience to the customers across personal channels and digital platforms. Instead of paying for high delivery charges and lightning-fast options to satisfy your customers, your customers should avoid the charges and make them choose the option of buying now and picking them up on the same day from their retail store. Same-day BOPIS is also a favourable choice for customers who cannot pick up the item. The retailers can allow friends and relatives to pick up online orders with a confirmation mail ID and verification details.

What are the Requirements to Implement In-Store Pickup for Your Customers?

BOPIS provides convenience to customers by instantly delivering it to the nearby store, rather than making them wait for days. Instead of building a system from scratch, retailers can use Magento 2 store pickup extension for their site. It helps the customers find stores at their convenience of the province, city, postcode, and distance.

  • The retailers can add addresses, phone numbers, and email IDs for their customers to contact.
  • With the help of location, the customers can look at the list of online stores.
  • For merchants, the in-store pickup extension helps provide customers a full list of stores.
  • It helps retailers improve customer experience by receiving the item from their chosen location.


Online in-store pickup helps the customers not only get their desired product on the same day, but also visit the store and conventionally buy extra items. After the Covid-19 pandemic, people are left inside their houses, unable to go out, which has led to chaos. Therefore, retailers using the BOPIS to enable the customers to reach the nearest store and collect their items on the same day of order. It is one of the best ways to save money and provide the best customer experience.