Reasons to discard FRP for installing the high-end USA-made vinyl panels 

Gone are the days when FRP panels were a huge rage. Businesses heavily relied on FRP, knowing little that these wall materials are short-lived and need to get replaced every few years to maintain a damp-free and hygienic zone. Commercial facilities like marinas, fisheries, grow rooms, dairy farms, Laundromats, and similar applications where moisture is prevalent rely more on the USA-made vinyl panels than the FRP wallboard. The high-quality Duramax vinyl wall board is better than FRP in numerous ways. Here are a few reasons to invest in 100% virgin PVC wall panels rather than the thin, fragile FRP material.

PVC is entirely water resistant 

The USA-made vinyl panels have a non-porous surface that does not allow moisture to reside on them. The smooth wall panels with no crevices do not trap in vapor, dirt, or debris. The waterproof PVC panels shed moisture from the surface and keep the walls and ceilings dry. On the other hand, FRP wall panels have wooden backers and crevices that absorb and trap moisture. As a result, the FRP panels are not 100% water resistant and can lead to rotting, molding, and peeling due to excess moisture absorption. The vinyl panels are better for providing 100% moisture resistance inside wet commercial applications.

PVC offers exceptional durability 

The FRP material isn’t a great choice if you are looking for long-lasting wall and ceiling panels. The ordinary FRP panels last for 20 to 25 years, while the vinyl wallboard can serve 50 years without callbacks. The PVC panels are a durable and sustainable choice having a lifecycle of 140 years. The vinyl material is 7x times recyclable and can last for a lifetime. The durable PVC wall material is water resistant and thus does not rot, mold, delaminate or peel off, unlike FRP. The vinyl panels offer exceptional durability and have a limited lifetime warranty certification. The PVC panels last 4x times longer than FRP and are not susceptible to callbacks. While FRP panels need to be repaired, repainted, or replaced, vinyl panels last for years without any hassles.

PVC panels are strong, robust, and built to last 

Did you know Duramax PVC Panels have ½ inch thickness and can last for years without peeling, degrading, or falling apart? The PVC panels with the unique trusscore design can endure heavy blows, high impacts, and abuses. The vinyl panels are impact resistant and don’t fall off, break, warp, or get damaged easily. The robust PVC panels have hidden fasteners and studs with no external hardware, making the wall material last longer than FRP. On the other hand, the FRP panels are thin, weak, and fragile compared to Duramax PVC products. The FRP panels cannot endure heavy blows and high impacts. The FRP panels crack, break and develop scuff marks that look unappealing. Consider changing the FRP panels with high-grade PVC products for commercial high-traffic environments.  

PVC panels are low maintenance

The PVC wall materials are easier to clean and maintain than FRP. The PVC panels do not stain as the dirt and debris glide down the smooth surface. The PVC material is fade resistant and doesn’t get discolored or turn yellowish. The low-maintenance PVC panels do not require regular cleaning. Just wipe the panels occasionally with a damp cloth or use a pressure washer to wash them clean. The white and bright PVC panels stay clean for the longest time without much upkeep. However, the FRP panels require heavy-duty maintenance, intensive care, and regular cleaning. The FRP panels fade, stain, and get discolored, turning yellowish within a few months. Professional care is necessary to keep the FRP panels clean and looking pristine. While PVC is low maintenance, FRP requires expensive care and upkeep.

PVC panel installation – Fastest, most affordable, and easiest 

The PVC panel installation takes only 7 hours and costs less than $5. The PVC installation is a DIY one-person job. The PVC panels arrive in small DIY kits and are a one-time purchase. You save 40% on material expenses and 50% on labor while installing PVC rather than FRP. It’s because the FRP panels take 2 days for the installation, and you will also need to purchase additional materials and hire skilled laborers for the entire setup. FRP installation is slow, laborious, and expensive, while PVC is quick, easy, and a one-time expenditure.

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