React Storefront: How to Build and Deploy Lightning-Fast eCommerce PWAs?

If you want to develop an eCommerce progressive web application using React storefront, you have come to the right place! It’s an understatement when you say, “The next biggest thing for a business is mobile eCommerce.” But it’s a bit different! 

The statement implies that mobile eCommerce is one of the best trends, which will slowly disappear in the next few years. It’s not true, though! The mobile eCommerce market is worth billions of dollars; hence, it’s a thriving business. 

If you understand how eCommerce PWA works and are determined to build an eCommerce PWA using React, this blog is for you. Besides React, several storefronts are available, but in today’s blog, we will discuss everything about PWA development and much more.

What does React Storefront do?

With React Storefront, it’s possible to develop and deploy super-fast eCommerce Progressive web applications with a top-notch framework created to sell. These are the best features of React storefront:

  • It’s built on Next.js.
  • It has fantastic speed.
  • It’s developed for complex sites.
  • It’s made to sell. 

What is a PWA?

PWA, aka Progressive Web Application, is an ordinary web app fulfilling a specific set of norms by Google. Therefore, you may consider it a distinct set of app-building guidelines instead of a particular stack or technology. Three leading principles delineating this PWA approach are the following:


Even though the device is offline, PWAs are highly credible for their reactivity to users’ requests.


Users may access Progressive Web Apps by just visiting the mobile site, in contrast to native programs, which need to be downloaded from the play store.


With several approaches that speed up the time it takes for a user to engage with a webpage, PWAs can increase the app’s performance.

How to develop an eCommerce PWA using React storefront?

PWA is the summation of SPA, push notifications, and incorporation of the home screen initiates SPA in full screen. However, let’s see how the entire process works while building an eCommerce PWA using React storefront:

Implement a react-based SPA 

You should have a React-based SPA installed prior to developing an eCommerce PWA. Many different visualization approaches, wireframes, etc., are used when using Redux to design your app. You must create Interactive elements and set up an expressive API before you can retrieve information from a database. 

Analyzing the current React-based app using Lighthouse on the React PWA checklist

If you’re yet to develop a PWA, Lighthouse is the best tool you must learn for examining web applications developed by Google. This premium tool assesses a web application based on 4 categories, including:

  • Accessibility
  • Performance
  • Seamless practices
  • PWA

However, these are the major checklists to obtain a detailed idea about how to acquire a high score:

  • Secured network connection

Having HTTPS installed on your website is one of the most crucial items on the requirements for the Lighthouse and an eCommerce PWA assessment. These are the best tips to shield your PWA:

  • Change your web application’s URL from “HTTP” to “HTTPS.”
  • The swift up-gradation from HTTP to HTTPS is considered highly secure and credible.
  • You should utilize HSTS, aka HTTP Strict Transport Security headers, when providing web app pages.
  • Users may be asked to incorporate the item on their home screen

Including a Web App Manifest or manifest.json template may provide your eCommerce PWA application an “add to Homescreen” functionality. When you establish a Web App manifest, you will obtain full-fledged accessibility to app installer banners, which gives you a means to naturally ask individuals to download your PWA if they often interact with it.

What are the keys to developing faster-loading eCommerce pages?

  • Focus on the efforts rather than re-structuring the backend. 
  • Increased page load experience.
  • A well-crafted PWA with a legit meta-viewport.
  • A clear conception of the interactive metrics to optimize page load performance.


We’ve finally reached the end of the article, so let’s quickly wrap things up. A variety of e-commerce storefronts are available to accelerate PWA development. But React Storefront is the best one to build and deploy PWA. If you want to build a highly reliable PWA, don’t forget to Hire React developer now.