Rainmaker Challenge shows stay at home moms how to build a side hustle without the “Mom Guilt”

The two most important part of one’s life are Family and Finances. When one has financial freedom, there is a more fulfilling family life. With this idea in mind, Chelsey & Stephen of The Rainmaker Family began their venture for moms and young families. Motivated to help people create wealth without their families being at the cost, they came up with an idea. 

Many people in the e-commerce education space charge $10k-30k+ upfront to help people launch online stores, however, Chelsey and Stephen started out by offering incredible value at a fraction of the price. They operate at a “taste and see” model.  It means that they work on an application only basis after people have gotten value and seen results from their entry level programs.

One of their most popular trainings, The Rainmaker Challenge. This challenge is a week-long online boot camp for moms who want to learn how to make income online. They teach all the ins and outs of how their Rainmaker Method paired with the popular Amazon FBA model works and answer all the top questions that they had when they first started. Therefore, equipping families with the resources to succeed and create money and time freedom for themselves.

You can check out their website here: As many moms face the mom guilt when they go out to work, this program eliminates the guilt and rather serves enjoyment in their motherhood. The rainmaker challenge is the only Amazon FBA education program tailor fit specifically for motivated moms who have busy schedules and want to create income from home or while traveling.

The biggest lessons that Chelsey and Stephen have come across their journey are

  1.  Never be limited by your lack of resources: This powerful duo suggests that you should always focus on the abundance of resources already available to you rather than the things that are not there. Focusing on what you have is the beginning of momentum.
  2. Leverage the available resources: When they found out that over half  of the products listed on Amazon for sale are sold by small business owners, they knew that they had to find a way to leverage this massive resource. As Amazon already has the trust factor and traffic, their biggest hurdles were solved. It was the fastest path to wealth for them and now the easiest way for Rainmakers who join their program as well. 

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