Quartz Countertop Advantages Over Granite

Choosing counter material might be difficult. Each choice has pros and cons. As with any home repair, choice and money are key. With so many possibilities, it might be hard to choose.

Granite and quartz are popular. They’re gorgeous, durable, and luxurious in kitchens and baths. If you watch HGTV, you know that people favor one or the other.

Compare These Two Materials

Quartz Or Granite?

Before we begin, we must understand these countertop materials. Granite is mined, processed, and polished into slabs and tiles. Granite hues and patterns vary. Nature never repeats, thus no two granite surfaces are the same.

Quartz is man-made. 95% ground natural stone, 5% polymer resins. It’s 95% natural stone, not 100%, thus it’s manufactured, not natural.

How is man-made stone better than natural? Let’s compare granite with quartz.

Quartz Benefits

Quartz vs. granite advantages:

1. Uniformity

Quartz is uniform, unlike granite. Quartz is a good choice if you want uniform surfaces.

2. Easy Repairs

Uniformity simplifies repairs. If quartz counter chips, it’s easy to replace. You may have trouble harmonizing colors or patterns on a granite countertop.

3. Colors Vary

Quartz countertops are available in almost every hue. You can pick a quartz countertop to match your roof and house colors.

4. Greener

Granite mining and long-distance shipping are bad for the environment. Quartz is made from local and repurposed materials, making it greener than granite.

5. Less Upkeep

Granite needs yearly sealing. Daily cleaning with a mild cleaner prevents stains and promotes lifespan. Quartz doesn’t need to be sealed or maintained.

6. Durability

Quartz is tougher and virtually unbreakable than granite.

7. Antibacterial

Quartz resists microorganisms since it’s nonporous. Granite must be resealed and cleaned periodically to prevent bacteria buildup. Quartz’s nonporous nature makes it a great kitchen and bathroom countertop.

8. It Mimics Everything

Quartz comes in many hues. It mimics other stones. You can obtain the look of granite or marble with quartz’s benefits. You can make quartz worktops look like white solid surfaces, but unlike Corian, quartz has depth and intricacy.

9. Similar Pricing

Quartz is priced comparable to granite despite its benefits. Quartz is more durable, low-maintenance, and easy to repair, but costs roughly the same as granite.

10.Quartz Warranties Are Longer

Quartz countertops are durable, therefore businesses give great warranties. It’s unlikely you’ll use it, but you have it. Many quartz countertops are lifetime guaranteed. Granite doesn’t have the same guarantees since the damage is more prevalent.

Selecting A Countertop

These are eleven advantages of quartz over granite. Granite also provides benefits. Choosing the best countertop material depends on several aspects. Consider budget, aesthetics, upkeep, and installation. Also, consider the countertop location.

You should carefully consider the countertop material you chose for your home. Granite and quartz are good alternatives for countertops. Then choose which is better. Compare items until a winner emerges.

We love granite and quartz countertops. We think you’ve made a good choice if you’re delighted with the end outcome. Renovations should be fun. It’s all about remodeling to your liking.