Quality Persian Rugs – How to Tell the Difference between Authentic or Machine Made

When buying Persian rugs online Australia, it’s important to know what you’re looking for.

Are you looking for authentic, good quality rugs online Australia?

To know what you are looking at, you need to know a few things about Persian rugs.

What are Persian Rugs?

The art of hand knotted Persian rug making has been ongoing for many centuries.

An authentic Persian rug is hand knotted from either a tribal, village, or city setting. They are typically from the Middle East, India, China, or Turkey.

Hand knotted rugs are made with wool, cotton, silk, or a combination. They are dyed using all natural or synthetic dyes.

Persian rugs can have intricate or tribal designs.

Each rug is unique because it’s made by hand. If you look closely, you may find a “Persian flaw” — put there purposely to show humility.

Where do the best Persian rugs come from?

Some of the best hand-knotted rugs come from places like Turkey, Pakistan, and Iran.

Iran, being the birthplace of hand-knotted rugs, undoubtedly makes the best Persian rugs. Their rugs contain intricate patterns, high-end materials, and great naturally made colours.

Another place that makes great Persian rugs is India. They weren’t known for making rugs originally, but their hand-knotted rug market has grown recently. They are known for famous rugs like Zeigler and Oushak.

Most rugs made in India use the same patterns as Iranian rugs, but are dyed with synthetic dyes.

A lesser known contender in rug making is Kazakhstan. A true rug enthusiast knows the value of a rug made in this country, even though they are not a major producer. Some of the most famous rugs made here are Kazak rugs.

How to tell if a Persian rug is real

When shopping for authentic Persian rug, always look for a well-established, trusted store.

You can spot an authentic Persian rug in many ways.

One way to tell if the rug is real is to look at the tone. If it was truly hand knotted, the top of the rug will look lighter than the bottom — this is caused by the knots being pulled as they are made on the loom.

Quality hand-made rugs are typically made of wool, cotton, or silk. Oftentimes you will see replicas or machine made rugs with cotton or synthetic materials.

If the back has a plastic lining, that is a sure fire indication it was machine made — hand knotted rugs typically have a cotton foundation or none at all.

Also, when looking at the fringe, an authentic rug will not have a sewn or glued on one.

Some of the best machine made rugs come from America and China. Not all machine made rugs are bad, they just aren’t authentic — they are mass-produced.

It’s important to know a little about Persian rugs to be able to find good quality ones.

If you are looking for Persian rugs online Australia, it is wise to know what you are looking at.

When shopping for rugs online Australia, make sure they are hand knotted, not machine made.

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