How PRP Treatment Beneficial For Hair Loss

Nine-tenths of our happiness and beauty is based on health. In the difficult matter of “beauty”, a lot of masters help us: figure, nails, hair. However, nothing affects the appearance as well-being. Beauty is firmly linked to health and begins from the inside. Many features can be masked, but dandruff, hair thinning, greasy and fragility – no.

Minor changes in the condition of the hair and scalp can lead to problems that will visually negatively affect your appearance.

How effective is PRP therapy for hair loss?

According to the Diplomate of ISHRS, Dr. Anil Garg says that Platelet-rich plasma therapy is very helpful for hair loss. The procedure consists of the main steps 3, which include blood sampling, treatment, and injection into the scalp. Platelet-rich plasma is a processed form of blood plasma, a plasma concentration with platelets. This PRP concentration is taken from the patient’s blood and injected into the scalp to promote hair growth. Platelets are also responsible for stimulating and improving the function of the hair follicle.

Description of the procedure

When we cut ourselves, these platelets break into battle so that the edges of the wound grow back together.

Hair PRP-therapy (plasma therapy) – treatment of hair loss by injection of platelet-rich plasma from your blood taken. According to PRP therapy specialists at Hair and Skin Clinic Melbourne, this procedure helps to restore normal hair growth, stimulates tissue regeneration, the work of hair follicles, and activates dormant hair follicles.

Hair lifting is based on natural regeneration factors triggered by platelet-rich plasma. Own plasma and platelets are the most hypoallergenic and safe drug because their own, and, accordingly, the best.

Features of the preparation and conduct of hair plasma therapy

Preparation for the procedure should be responsible. It is recommended for 3-14 days to adhere to a diet that excludes: roasted, fatty, coffee, salt, spicy, smoked. Fresh juices, fruits, vegetables, and greens should prevail. Be sure to drink plenty of clean still water, at least 1.5-2 liters per day.

Before using, wash your hair in the usual way without using masks with oils and without any hair styling products.

Plasmolifting hair takes from 40 to 60 minutes. Everything from the fence to the introduction of platelet-rich plasma is carried out in the clinic. Blood is drawn from a vein, centrifuged at certain speeds for 15 minutes, and the plasma obtained in this way, enriched with platelets, is immediately administered to the patient by microdoses in the necessary zones.

Please do not self-medicate. You can lose a lot of time, spend a lot of money and cause complications. To deal with the problem of hair loss, you first need to consult a dermato-cosmetologist (trichologist) to diagnose and identify the causes. This will not take you much time but will provide subsequent effective treatment, taking into account your individual characteristics.

It is worth considering that any disease implies the passage of course treatment of the therapy. Plasma therapy of hair (or rather, the skin of the scalp) is carried out once every fourteen days. The course is determined individually and starts from three procedures. You will feel the effectiveness of PRP therapy after a couple of months.

What does not need to be done after plasma therapy:

wash your hair and scratch it during the day;

use styling tools;

don’t stay in the sun for a long time;

go to the bathhouse or sauna throughout the course.

In what cases is PRP therapy effective for hair?

various forms of focal baldness;

androgenic form of baldness;

seborrheic dermatitis;


diffuse (telogen) baldness;

total alopecia.

Alopecia – hair loss

The main contraindications:

pregnancy and lactation period;


some blood diseases (thrombophilia, hemophilia, autoimmune diseases);

some endocrine disorders.