Proper and Simple Care for a Soviet Retro Car Salon

It is always a pleasure to get into a well-maintained retro car that is clean not only outside but also inside. Great attention should be paid to salon care. It’s not just about washing the floor mats and dusting the dashboard. This type of caring requires compliance with certain recommendations. First of all, you should take into account the material that was used for the car interior trim, namely the seats and the panel. As a rule, there are two options here: leather or fabric interior. Each type of material needs its own care.

Leather interior care

It is quite understandable that the interior of any car gets dirty over time. The more often the machine is used, the more debris will be inside: dust, sand, and dirt. All this gets inside not only on shoes but also with clothes. Far from everyone knows how to properly protect the leather interior of a car. You need to start with cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or by using special car cosmetics.

It’s forbidden to begin cleaning with a brush and even more so with a cloth. As soon as you rub a brush or cloth over the skin, small particles of sand (that fall into the folds) can damage the surface. Thus, it would be impossible to avoid scratches. At first, they might be imperceptible and then they will begin to catch the eye more and more. Therefore, cleaning should begin with the use of a car vacuum cleaner. Only after that comes the possibility to start a wet cleaning.

Wet cleaning

Cleaning the leather interior involves the use of special cosmetics. The following usually applies to some essential things.

  • A cleaner that removes contaminants from the surface and pores.
  • Microfiber napkins.
  • Shoe brush, distinguished by its soft pile.
  • Conditioner designed for the skin.
  • Cream wax.

A universal polish is also applied at the very end. It helps to make the upholstery of the car interior shine. The polish can be used daily, even if you have to wash the car with wet cleaning of the interior. Conditioning leather upholstery should be carried out regularly (at least once every 3 months). This will help to prolong the life of such material. However, that’s not all. Pay attention to a few additional rules.

  • It’s better to wear clothes that can cause less harm to the leather interior.
  • A salon with such upholstery must be protected both from the sun and simply from overheating.
  • Extraordinary cleaning should be done after driving to the beach.

Beach sand grains are especially dangerous because such an abrasive material will certainly leave scratches by getting on the surface of the leather. All these tips will help protect the interior from premature restoration and re-upholstery.

Fabric salon care

Fabric seat upholstery accumulates a lot of dust. Thus, a vacuum cleaner becomes the main assistant in care. It’s also recommended to clean the seats with soapy water about once a month. In this case, it is necessary not to remain the seats wet and wait for them to dry completely. 

You can try to remove stains with a soap solution (if there’s such a problem). It’s better to use special cleaning products if the stain is complex. Don’t forget that there are plastic elements in the car. Try to treat them with special polishing sprays after cleaning the surface of dust and dirt with a damp cloth. Follow such simple recommendations for interior caring and it will be pleasant and comfortable for both passengers and the driver to be in it.

However, it is important to pay attention not only to external and internal cleanliness but also to the functional health of the car. Soviet retro cars are especially popular among fans of the classics. Nevertheless, difficulties may arise with the selection of spare parts because new elements are not produced. That is why it’s better to visit the Autoclassic Company website because it offers parts for retro cars for a variety of vehicles. The site presents a wide range of elements, which is constantly updated with new products.