Profitable Webinars: 7 Tips for Success

Creating webinars is easy but making them profitable is another story. More and more people are jumping on the bandwagon. You need to be a cut above the rest to make a profitable webinar.

Good things will not come easy, and so is conducting profitable webinars. It’s no walk in the park. But you don’t have to fret, we’ll give you the following tips to make your webinar less daunting.

1.  Choose the right software and equipment

Webinars come a long way, and webinar platform or software has improved to meet the growing demand. When choosing one, make sure it can handle registrations, follow-up emails, and everything else you need to run a successful webinar.

Additionally, invest in a microphone with good quality to ensure your participants can hear you well during your presentations. Also, make sure you have a fast internet connection to avoid getting cut off in the middle of a vital webinar topic.

2.  Create evergreen content

You spend a lot of time creating a good presentation because you want viewers to come back again and again. To ensure your efforts don’t go to waste, create evergreen content that continuously stays relevant and fresh for viewers for an extended period.

Not all webinar content is sustainable, so this gives you the edge. Gear your evergreen content towards solving customer’s problems. Take time to make a script so that your presentation feels like you have a “real” conversation with your audience.

3.  Don’t be boring

You only have a few minutes to capture your viewers’ interests. Have you ever attended a presentation with a boring host? Don’t be like one and get yourself energized before starting your online seminar.

Run around the place or blast some lively music if you have to. After all, how can you expect the audience to get excited about whatever you’re going to talk about if you yourself aren’t excited?

One helpful tip that helps with maintaining energy levels is to stand up during your entire webinar. Put your laptop on a table or anywhere that the camera is on eye-level when you’re standing up. Doing so makes your audience feel your energy and respond to it accordingly until the end of your webinar.

4.  Send several reminders

People have other things to do besides attending your webinar. And although they were excited to sign-up, they may still forget it if you don’t send reminders. For those who subscribed to your online presentations, use the following 3 reminders.

  • “Thank You” Page – When your attendees first register, take them to a “Thank You” page where they can save a calendar invite for the event. Also, this is the right page to encourage them to place a reminder on their phones.
  • Automated Emails – Immediately after your participant’s register, send them an automated email thanking them for signing up and reminding them to place the date in their calendars. Then 24 hours before your event begins, send another automated email reminding your attendees.
  • Final Reminder – An hour before your webinar begins, send a final reminder about the event with a link to join. Even if they forgot, having a link makes it easy for your busy attendees to join directly in your live presentation.

5.  Sell and make money

You should never be afraid to sell. If you’re confident with the awesome content you’ve delivered to your webinar attendees, you shouldn’t think twice about asking for something in return. You’re not doing a webinar just for goodwill, of course, you’re hoping a percentage of those attendees will lead to sales.

If what you’re selling can honestly help people, it would be a disservice not to put your webinar marketing in place and encourage your participants to buy. On the webinars you host weekly, you can encourage people to sign-up for a pro-membership to get access to your other online courses.

6.  Set deadlines

People tend to fret over every purchase and only decide until it’s the last minute. The same is true for people who want to attend a webinar. If you don’t have a deadline, you may not nearly as well, which is why it’s crucial to create some sort of urgency.

You can run webinars to run on specific Mondays and offer a big discount to those who’ll sign-up before Friday at midnight. Then, send out some email reminders to let them know about the incoming deadline. And as one would expect, a huge chunk of your sales will happen in the final few hours of your event.

7.  Check your sales funnel

Your webinar is just a part of your funnel. You must optimize every aspect of your funnel to improve your bottom line and increase conversions. From sign-up to the actual event, identify and address pain points for your attendees.

When you improve all parts of your webinar funnel, you get to earn money and the benefits of exponential growth. Webinars are among the most innovative ways to get customers to buy your product while helping them learn. It’s a win-win situation anyone would love to take any day.

Improve Your Webinar Game

We hope you can follow the 7 tips above to improve your webinars and, hopefully, your business’s overall bottom line.

To ensure you maintain a profitable webinar game, always measure the success of your efforts to get to know which areas you need to improve. People are more likely to attend your webinar again if they see that you continuously strive to produce content that they can use and benefit from.