Problems faced by teachers during students’ exam time and ways to overcome

In the education system, we learn and grow, and exams play a significant role. For effective teaching, and enhancement of the profession, teachers have to hold the good academic records of the students or sessions they taught. Regarding this purpose, making students perform well in the exams is very important. 

But teachers have to face many obstacles when exams are near. Let us discuss what problems the teachers face from students. We will also be discussing some effective tips that teachers can follow to overcome the problems, help students in exam preparation, and assure academic, teaching success. 

Exam time problems faced by teachers and tips to overcome 

Problem 1: Finding students less accountable or low level of sincerity 

To get good results in exams, students have to be consistent, dedicated, and effective in their studies. But when students lack accountability, they become chilled and pay less attention to learning. In such cases no matter how effective you teach, students won’t respond well as self-efforts are absent. Let us discuss some tips to overcome this problem. 

  • Set a strict tone 

 When patience, affection, and general warnings don’t work, being a little strict towards students becomes necessary. The students who you find not learning and revising effectively, deal with them with a little strictness. Give them daily learning targets, and ask them to complete them timely. With the strict attitude of teachers, students tend to act responsibly. 

  • Inform to parents 

For the academic growth and development of students, along with teachers, parents make an equal contribution. If you find students not studying effectively, and not improving despite getting warnings or instructions, teachers should consult parents. Share the problems with them. Ask parents to ensure that their ward self studies every day and become responsible for studies. 

  • Encourage healthy competition 

when you find students less accountable, having a chilled attitude towards studying, developing a competitive environment will help to overcome this problem. Tell students that the high scorers will be ranked as top performers, and felicitated with certificates, awards, and batches. This encourages and provides a boost to students to become serious about their studies. This way students will develop a competitive spirit to win the race, and score high. Ensure that discipline is maintained for healthy competition. 

Problem 2: Students facing understanding issues: for effective exam performance 

To perform well in exams, students need to have a good understanding and comprehension of the syllabus. Sometimes, teachers don’t understand well and find exams difficult to score well. Let us discuss what teachers can do to overcome this issue. 

  • Use technology to teach 

for performing well in exams, students should be provided with an in-depth understanding of the academic subjects. Sometimes understanding the theoretical and applicative portions become difficult for students. To overcome this problem using technology helps. 

By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. 

  • Arrange doubt classes 

Sometimes answering the doubts and queries of students becomes difficult when teachers are in a rush. Ask what students are not understanding, practice maxims of teaching, and arrange separate doubt classes to provide students with proper academic understanding and knowledge. In these doubt classes, reteach the complex topics, and ensure a hundred percent doubt resolution. 

Problem 3: Exam fear 

Teachers have to deal with different types of students. Along with confident learners, many students have exam fear. This not only affects their health but also their learning. Let us discuss some tips that teachers can practice to reduce exam fear among students. 

  • Share exam giving tips 

Many students have stress because of the thoughts like how to answer the paper, how difficult the questions will be, and whether they will be able to attempt properly or not. Teachers should share exams giving tips like staying calm, practicing time management, not getting stuck anywhere, etc. Tell them the exam pattern, and marking scheme to reduce their stress level. This will help students to prepare accordingly and efficiently. 

  • Interact and encourage all 

 To reduce the stress level of students and enhance their exam preparation, teachers should interact with all. One by one have personal or individual interactions with all students. Listen to their problems, and what is causing them stress, and guide them with effective solutions and tips. With care, importance and suggestions received, students, feel valued, happy, and less worried. Ask them to keep putting in efforts, stay positive, and give their best. 


For becoming a successful teacher, you have to make sure that your students do well on exams. In doing so, teachers face many problems. However, by following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can overcome the problems. This will help teachers to make students more accountable, academically effective, and confident. Both academic and teaching success are guaranteed this way.