PrimeDesignAI Review — What Is PrimeDesignAI? Is It REALLY Legit In 2023?


Did you ever think about why you can’t turn the people who visit your campaigns into paying customers?

Why haven’t they converted like your competitors?

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If you haven’t paid attention to all of these things yet, your efforts to run a campaign to get more traffic, leads, and sales are going to waste.

Yes, I mean it!

Your prospects may not have been converting because your marketing content, copies, and designs aren’t interesting enough.

The truth is out, yes.

No matter what campaign you start, you need copy that gets people to buy and a design that keeps them interested.

And unless that happens, you won’t get business results like traffic, leads, and sales in any niche.

But you are not the only one to blame.

Because I’m sure you’ve tried every possible way to make marketing content and designs and run into problems like:

  • Making your own content and designs for marketing.
  • Hiring expert copywriters and template designers and paying them a lot of money.
  • Spending a lot of money on modules to do the job and not getting the results you want.
  • Not knowing if what you do, what freelancers do, or what software does will meet the needs in your niche.

But what if I told you that you could avoid all of these problems by choosing an app that does everything?

Believe it or not…

These days, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be in charge.

With AI being the next big thing that will solve all problems… It also means writing marketing content and making designs for them that get people to buy.

Yes, marketing copies and designs that are made with AI are the best way to keep your users’ attention enough to get them to do something.

And it’s in this area that AI-enabled software is most needed.

PrimeDesignAI Review

PrimeDesignAI Review – Quick Overview

VendorsKundan Choudhary
Product ReviewPrimeDesignAI
Launch Date & TimeJan 13th 2023 & 11 AM EST
Official Site
Front End Amount$17
Custom BonusYes
Risk30 days Money back Guarantee
Product BelongsInternet Marketers
PrimeDesignAI Review

PrimeDesignAI Review – About

Prime Design AI is a patented AI-tech solution that lets you access attention-grabbing marketing content and design templates – leading to traffic and leads in any niche!

The best thing about this tool is that it comes with a remarkable feature called Commercial License.

Using the same, you can offer marketing content copy and design template creation to your users at any price and keep 100% of profits.

All it takes is only 3 steps to work wonders…

  • Step 1 – Login to PrimeDesignAI And Choose The Type Of Content To Be Created, And Templates To Be Designed.
  • Step 2 – Let AI Do The MAGIC! – Our AI Will Now Create High-Converting Marketing Copies And Even Offer Marketing Content Design Templates To Meet Your Needs.
  • Step 3 – That’s It! – Download, Publish And Start Driving Traffic That Converts And Makes Sales For You 24X7!

PrimeDesignAI Review – Features

  • Advanced Drag & Drop Powerful Design Editor.
  • Create Sales Page That Actually Sells From A Single Keyword.
  • Create High Converting Landing Page In just 60 Seconds.
  • 4x Your Sales & Revenue With Proven, Upsell Page.
  • 400+ Pre-Built Templates From Multiple Niches.
  • Create Profitable Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads Copy.
  • Create Attention-Grabbing & MAGNETIC Headlines.
  • Creates CTAs That Triggers Actions In 1-Click.
  • Create Impressive Resumes To Make You ‘Job Ready’.
  • Crafts Press Releases That Spread The Word Like Magic.
  • Create High-Converting Banner Ads In just few clicks.
  • Create Direct Email Campaigns That Boost Sales.
  • Create Clickbait Email Campaigns That Skyrockets CTRs.
  • Create Cold Email Campaigns That Turns Into Customer.
  • Builds Lead-SUCKING Squeeze & Opt-In Pages In minutes.
  • Creates Captivating VSL Scripts without hiring copywriter.
  • Seamless Integration With 10 Top Autoresponders.
  • Generate Traffic From 16 Social Networks.
  • Cloud-Based App – No Need To Install Or Download Anything.
  • No Need To Writing, Marketing, And Designing Skills.
  • Commercial Licence Included.

PrimeDesignAI Review – Demo

PrimeDesignAI Review

PrimeDesignAI Review – Worth to Buy or Not?

You can create stunning module to help you create all types of marketing content and designs in any niche is coming?

Yup, you are only days away from accessing a patented AI-powered software that will help you create all those super-engaging marketing content and designs without any hassles.

Yes, once this module comes your way, you will be in a position to: 

  • Create high-converting marketing content and their designs to meet your goals in any niche. 
  • Edit DFY design templates and make them in sync with your niche’s requirements. 
  • Generate insane traffic and killer leads out of your every marketing copy. 

And even a lot more.

You will also be able to live a laptop lifestyle using this software. How? 

Because you will make cool money online by offering marketing content and design template creation services to desperate buyers…

And this way, you will pocket 100% of pure profits without sharing. So YES this is 100% Worth to Buy…

PrimeDesignAI Review – Upsells & Pricing

Upsell 1: PrimeDesign AI Unlimited ($27 to $37)

  • Take away all restrictions and limits
  • Take the PrimeDesignAI logo off of ALL pages
  • Make as many scripts as you want per day.
  • Make as many professional sales pages and upsell pages as you want.
  • Set up as many custom domains and sub-domains as you want.
  • Unlock Unlimited Advance SSL To All Your Pages
  • Make as many high-converting landing pages as you want.
  • Make as many Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads as you want. Copy
  • Make as many attention-getting and magnetic headlines as you want.
  • Makes an unlimited number of CTAs that trigger actions with a single click.
  • Make as many impressive resumes as you want to get “job ready.”
  • Makes a lot of press releases that get the word out.
  • Make as many high-converting banner ads as you want with just a few clicks.
  • Make as many direct email campaigns as you want that increase sales.
  • Make as many clickbait-blind email campaigns as you want.
  • Make as many cold email campaigns as you want.
  • Create as many lead-grabbing squeeze and opt-in pages as you want.
  • Make as many interesting VSL scripts as you want.
  • PRO Marketers Can Get “Unlimited Everything”
  • Everything was included in the unlimited commercial license…

Upsell 2: PrimeDesign AI Stock Edition ($27 to $37)

  • Over 50 million royalty-free stock photos, videos, sounds, GIFs, and animations are available for a low one-time fee.

Upsell No. 3: PrimeDesign AI Traffic Edition ($47–$57)

  • Legally Stealing Other People’s Traffic Getting Videos Working Just 15 Minutes a Day & Get Unlimited Free Traffic Forever

Upsell No. 4: PrimeDesign AI YouTube Edition ($37–$47)

  • Unlock a powerful integration to our flagship video traffic software that puts ANY VIDEO on the first page of Google and YouTube in minutes. …and uses special “Push Rankings” technology to keep the videos at the top of the list for months.

Upsell No. 5: PrimeDesign AI SEO Edition ($37–47)

  • 50 SEO Tools: Includes SEO tools to rank pages, get traffic, and get leads. Site Analysis: Lets you do an SEO analysis of your pages in minutes.

Upsell 6: PrimeDesign AI Reseller Edition ($97-127)

  • You can sell PrimeDesign AI and get a 100% commission on it.
  • DFY Email Swipes Done-For-You High Converting Sales Page Support

Upsell 7: PrimeDesign AI Delta ($47-97)

  • You can easily drive free buyer traffic to different niches in seconds.

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