portrait of the 6 busiest and largest ports in the world

In pour today’s piece, we will be taking the readers to a virtual journey of all 6 busiest ports in the world. We hope that after reading about these ports, you will be compelled to appreciate their grandeur and beauty. A port is generally described as a maritime facility that encompasses various piers where the ships and cruises can discharge passengers and cargo.

Due to their immense significance for the economy, the ports are the backbone for the business and industrial progress of a country. Furthermore, they also act as a passage for the people of different cultures as the citizens of various countries are discharged here.

There are hundreds of ports in the world; however, some of them hold prominent significance. The most important port cities in the world are London, Singapore, Karachi, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and New York.

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6 Busiest Ports in the World

  1. Port of Rotterdam, Holland
    If we gauge it by cargo, the Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe. In the successive years, billions of containers were either shipped or dropped at the port in a bid to transfer them to the different countries. The size of the port is also enormous, and containers of the huge sizes can also stop here for docking. The consistent expansion of the port has increased its area by 38 square kilometers. It is also one of the deepest ports and is a key launching point for products of Europe.
  2. Port of Shanghai, China
    The most recent data shows that the Port of Shanghai can accommodate 36.5 million TEUs of containers annually. Certainly, the port is among the top ports in the world. It is located at Yangtze River, and more than 125 berths can handle 2,000 container ships monthly. These containers are roughly a quarter of all the country’s outgoing shipments. We know that China is a growing economic power, and it is expanding its economic clout with each passing day. And this port of Shanghai is helping the country to skyrocket its exports and reduce the imports. You can book the China Southern Airlines tickets if you want to visit Shanghai.
  3. Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates
    Jebel Ali is the only Asian port that cracks the top-10 in terms of size and handling of ships. The port handles the traffic coming from Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf. From the crude oil to the other watery minerals, the port has the sections for everything. In 2015, the port carried around 15 million TEUs and had overseen a steady growth that took nine years to complete. In the Middle East, it is the largest worldwide player in the shipping trade. People often say that had Dubai not have this port, the city would not have such booming progress.
  4. Port of Los Angeles, United States
    This port is the gigantic one in the whole of North and South America, and it sits at 19th number of more than 8 million TEUs. However, if you combine the Port of Los Angeles with an adjoining Port of Long Beach, then it would definitely become one of the most attractive ports in the entire region. Currently, the port covers more than 43 miles of waterfront with 12 acres of land. It handles ships coming from the Asian ports with its 270 deepwater berths and 113 miles of rail. You should definitely visit this port if you ever visit the United States.
  5. Port of Busan, South Korea
    Even though the port is still smaller than the ports of Singapore and Shanghai, but when it comes to the overall quality, the Port of Busan does not lack any trait. There are only a few ports that have grown as rapidly as the Port of Busan, as it now manages more than 20 million TEUs a year. These statistics really pose a challenge to the other ports that are trying to compete it. It is located on the southeast tips of South Korea, at the confluence of the Sea of Japan and China
  6. Jeddah Islamic Port, Saudi Arabia
    Located on an international shipping route, the Jeddah Islamic Port is a port in Saudi Arabia, between east and west. The port has a status of being the 2nd largest and second busiest in the Arab world.

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