Porous Resin

For ceramic-based casting, the porous resin is a convenient invention. The manufacturing method of this product consists of several different steps. First, a pre-designed three-dimensional CAD model adds to the laser sintering tool on a model-based resin mold by guiding a control system. A pore-forming agent removes from the previously prepared resin mold containing the pore-generating agent. Thus, a porous resin mold is obtained.

Here, the hybrid system formula combines the resin materials and the pore-forming agent as a significant raw material. This way, the high-pressure mold mechanism becomes a much more practical production process than a standard mold system. This saves both work and money.

Porous Resin Advantages

Porous resin has excellent advantages. This high-pressure casting offers advanced technology for forming purposes in this industry. In addition, this automatic equip with highly efficient and modern technology. Due to the high advantages of porous resin, less production space requires. This means that much fewer workers will be needed. It also dramatically reduces the total energy preferred for the production of ceramic products. This substance is also largely environmentally friendly.

Applying the porous resin material also leads to extended service times for the working molds. Experts have also very effectively improved the quality and accuracy of this product. This high-pressure casting technology, which has made significant progress with pressure molds compared to standard materials, offers substantial cost and unmatched quality advantages. This latest casting technology has also revolutionized the ceramic industry due to the production of ceramic products. This also has a positive impact on the development of all ceramic companies; It is also crucial in terms of economic, sustainability, and environmental aspects.

High Quality and Ideal Solution

Porous resin offers ideal solutions with high quality. These porous mold materials are a high-performance product constantly developing for high-pressure casting processes, an essential material in high-pressure casting technology. 

Experts produced the materials used in this product in the form of controlled polymerization. The pore size and porosity distribution were also optimized explicitly for different processes. Porous resin offers a practical and ideal solution for high-pressure casting procedures. The high-pressure molds produced with porous resin do very quickly. 

While in other methods, a few products can be made with a single mold in a day, in this casting system, experts can produce 24-25 different effects with one mold. As technology continues to evolve, the porous resin method will continue to grow. More impressive features will emerge in the coming years.

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