Poe The AKIL’s Prophecy Divination Card Trade the Squire Guides

In this guide, we will explore the exciting journey of opening 100 sets of the AKIL’s Prophecy, a divination card that grants the chance to obtain the coveted Fated Unique Shield. Previously, this card awarded the elegant round shield, but the recent changes to fated uniques have introduced a new implicit: corrupted. Our goal is to obtain either the Depressor or the Squire, hoping for a stroke of luck to turn this venture into a profitable one. Additionally, we’ll share a bonus surprise in the form of an Azirian card.

Opening the Sets
To start our adventure, we gather 100 sets of the AKIL’s Prophecy, which cost a total of nine poe divines. With anticipation, we begin opening the cards, hoping for a favorable outcome. The Depressor is the more common result, but if luck favors us, we might be able to obtain the highly sought-after Squire.

Unexpected Profit
As we progress through the card openings, we express our surprise as luck strikes early on. Against our initial expectations, we manage to obtain the Squire, resulting in a profit from this venture. The profit from a single Squire makes up for the expenses of the entire 100 sets. It’s a reminder that even in games of chance, fortune can favor the daring.

Examining the Shield
Taking a closer look at the Squire, we discover its impressive stats. The shield boasts a 150% increased armor innovation roll base, making it a desirable defensive item. While the implicit corrupted doesn’t provide significant value, other affixes like aura gems and reduced area damage taken from hits offer additional bonuses. Typically, players seek projectile gems with plus two, but the unexpected profit compensates for any minor shortcomings.

The Joy of Divination Cards
Throughout the opening process, we delve into the sheer joy that divination cards bring. Handing in a stack of cards and witnessing the resulting loot provides a rush of dopamine. It’s these little moments that make Path of Exile truly special, eliciting excitement and satisfaction for players. We encourage readers to share their favorite experiences with divination cards in the comments.

Reflecting on the Journey
As we near the end of our 100 sets, we reflect on the overall outcome. Although we didn’t obtain multiple Squires, the initial stroke of luck made this endeavor profitable. If we had only purchased 50 sets, we would have still come out ahead. The experience underscores the rarity of the Squire, making it an elusive prize worthy of celebration.

Final Thoughts
In conclusion, the journey of opening 100 sets of AKIL’s Prophecy was a thrilling adventure. We experienced the highs and lows of chance, ultimately emerging with a profit thanks to the early acquisition of the coveted Squire shield. Divination cards continue to captivate players, providing that satisfying rush when the loot is revealed. Remember to cherish these moments and appreciate the joy they bring to your Path of Exile experience.


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