Planning a Getaway in the Country: 7 Things to Consider

Weekend getaways, work trips, or family and friend visits in the country serve as a great reset from the day-to-day. Traveling domestically is underrated. You can check out new destinations without spending thousands on an international airline ticket.

Planning a getaway in the country seems easy. But it’s far from it. You still need to consider accommodation, budget, food, luggage, and the means to get there. 

Here are 7 things to consider before you embark on a getaway in the country.

  1. Budget Accordingly

Most people avoid traveling because of rent, bills, and subscriptions they pay each month. Your budget is what sets the tone for the entire trip. 

You don’t want to push your credit card into the red zone. So, set aside a budget before planning the trip to make it easier. 

If you’re an impulsive spender, open a new bank account and set up an auto-payment every month or week. When the time comes, check how much money you have, and voila, that’s your budget.

  1. Pick a Date

There’s a reason why there are deadlines in school. You have to finish a task before a set date. The same is valid for planning getaways. 

If you only wish to go somewhere, it will stay in your head.

Choose the right time to go and pick a specific date. That will influence when you pack, book accommodations, or get park permits. 

The right time depends on whether you want to hike, chill on a beach, camp, sightsee, go shopping, or spend a few days in a wood cabin.

Start checking the weather forecast two weeks ahead. It won’t be 100% accurate, but it’s best to have a general sense of whether it will be sunny or snowy. In the worst-case scenario, like heavy downpours or scorching heat, reschedule to save yourself from a bad experience.

  1. Car, Plane, Bus, or Train?

There are no rules for when you plan a getaway in the country. If it’s a quick and cheap flight, opt for a plane. But if you want to turn the getaway into a road trip, grab your keys and get ready to drive.

When going with the latter, make sure you do a check-up. Check the oil and coolant levels, test the tire pressure, or take the car to a mechanic to do it for you. Download offline maps, plan the route, and ensure your insurance and driver’s license remain valid.

If you plan to go by train or bus, book the ticket in advance and get there at least half an hour before. Bring a book or download a few episodes to catch up with your favorite show on the road.

  1. Book Activities in Advance

Getaways pass by quickly. Blink twice, and you’re back home. That’s why you need to use travel time to the max. 

You don’t want to spend hours standing in a line or being told a restaurant only takes reservations when you arrive. Book the activity in advance if you visit a popular destination, event, or place. See if there are tickets for festivals, theaters, museums, or tours, and have them ready.

The best way to find out whether you need to book in advance is to ask somebody who went there recently. If not, read a few travel blogs, check tourism board websites, join a local Facebook group, or ask a local.

  1. Be Flexible

Part of the beauty of a quick getaway is visiting unexpected places. Leave some room to be spontaneous and let the vibe dictate the destination. If you travel with friends or a partner, combine both of your bucket lists and switch between activities and places. 

Remember to have an open mind and embrace the journey.

  1. Take a Digital Break

Forget about your phone and social media, and recharge your batteries. When you’re on a quick getaway, spend more time with the people you love, forget about work, and live in the moment. You won’t remember what you saw on Instagram that day, but you will remember the great lunch, hike, or museum visit.

If you can’t disconnect completely, stick to the bare essentials. Never connect to public Wi-Fi spots without a VPN because you could get hacked. Cybercriminals love targeting tourists, and you don’t want to become a victim.

Check your emails and your socials in the morning or before you go to bed. If you’re keen on watching your favorite shows, use a VPN for Roku to switch your location (if the series is geo-restricted) and continue where you left off.

  1. Pack Light

You don’t need 6 pairs of underwear for a weekend getaway. If you travel by plane, pack smart and pack light. Bear in mind the planned activities, and put the necessary things in your suitcase. 

If the hotel has a pool, bring a swimsuit. If you plan to hike, bring light clothes and hiking shoes. If you want to take Instagram-worthy pictures, plan your outfits, and you’ll know what to wear.

The situation changes if you’re going by car. Then, you can fill a suitcase with anything you want, and there will still be room for more.

The same goes for buses and trains. You can get a suitcase, roll it around, or get a large backpack and fill it completely.

The Bottom Line

Armed with these tips, you’re ready to plan a getaway in the country. Use the time to reconnect with the people around you and get the most out of your trip!