Planets Responsible for Wealth in Astrology

Money and wealth are indeed important in life, and especially more so in today’s materialistic world. It gives you options for a better life that you choose and puts you in charge. People who become wealthy have certain characteristics that help them achieve their life goals. However, one cannot overlook the importance of luck in all aspects of life. With luck, you’ll also need to put in some effort. As a result, luck and hard work are inextricably linked. The concepts of wealth are presented in a refined manner in Vedic astrology.

In astrology, two significant planets govern wealth and money: Venus and Jupiter, the planets of wealth and prosperity. Jupiter and Venus can both bestow wealth, fame, power, a successful career, financial success, and happiness on you.

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So, let us learn more about the two major planets’ roles in providing us with money and wealth in life.

Jupiter, known as Guru or Brihaspati in Indian Astrology, is the natural significator (karaka) of both the 2nd house (wealth) and the 11th house (gains) and is regarded as a planet of abundance and blessings. The house that has the guru aspect through the 5th and 9th aspects tends to grow in abundance. Click here to know more about Moldavite Gemstone Jewelry

Venus or Shukra, on the other hand, is a significator of the goddess of wealth herself, Lakshmi. According to the Kalapurusha Kundli, Venus is a natural bhava lord of the 2nd house. Venus is more concerned with providing worldly luxuries (a widely materialistic planet). In contrast, Jupiter is a wise planet that provides abundant wealth, knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

Comparing Jupiter (Devguru; Teacher of Devtas/Gods) and Venus (Daityaguru; Teacher of Asurs/Demons) is like comparing two of your best teachers in school; each has a unique method of imparting knowledge to you. Jupiter is more concerned with giving abundance without much thought; on the other hand, Venus is concerned with technicalities of knowledge; Jupiter is the mantra, and Venus is tantra.

So, which of the planets is the best for wealth?

If material wealth is important to you, benefic Venus can provide you with a lot of it. However, a small amount of Jupiter support is always required in the chart for Venus to give abundance (considering it’s a natural significator of the wealth), suggests astrologers.

In Vedic astrology, Guru is considered to be the most advantageous of all planets in a horoscope, always more beneficial than Venus, Moon, and any other planet. Even during transit, Jupiter’s placement or aspect, not the other planets, determines long-term and permanent outcomes. For example, if Venus is transiting through the 7th house, it may bring a brief relationship. Jupiter’s transit through your 7th house, or aspect or conjunction with the natal 7th lord or natal Venus, will bring you your life partner.

As the karaka of the 11th house (house of gains), Jupiter also grants satisfaction and fulfilment of desires and earnings. Even in terms of wealth, Jupiter is the karaka of the 2nd house (house of wealth). 

As a result, even for material wealth, Jupiter becomes a key factor. This isn’t because it will provide you with more wealth than other planets. Instead, it is because Jupiter will satisfy you with your wealth and earnings, making you truly happy and prosperous while calming your desire to pursue more and more.

When it comes to the second planet in the discussion, Venus has its unique method of distributing wealth. According to astrologers, in the absence of Jupiter’s benefic aspect or placement in the Jupiterian Pisces sign, the sign of its exaltation, Venus tends to become indulgent and corrupt.

In conclusion, the beauty of Astrology is that no single planet produces the same wealth results in every chart. It varies and is determined by a variety of factors. Everything in the horoscope is determined by the planetary placements, including where, when, and the influence/association of the other houses/planets. The influence of other planets can influence the final results in a horoscope.

So, getting professional consultation from astrologers on a trusted astrology app can help you gain more in-depth knowledge of the planets of wealth in your chart.