Plan to Visit Halifax City with Swoop Airlines

Halifax, a port city of Eastern Canada and is the provincial capital of Nova Scotia, has become a significant business hub and known for its maritime history and culture. Halifax is a city worth visiting. Book your tickets with Swoop airlines Reservations site right away and witness the beauty yourself!

Stroll along the Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk

The best thing that the people and even the tourists vouch for in Halifax is the Halifax waterfront. If you ever visit the city, do not miss out on this stroll. You could spend an evening aimlessly roaming overlooking the scenic beauty of the waterfront. After getting tired, you can sit down to eat at patio restaurants or visit former naval ships that have turned into museums and eat good food have local beers in the retro-bars.

Climb Citadel Hill for History and Views of the city

You can visit Climb Citadel Hill for historic viewing and overlooking the harbor. It is packed with a site museum, many cannons, and daily there are demonstrations of the cannons during the day. It is advised to go during the day for a daily demonstration and then view the sunset from the Climb hill and overlook the city.

Farmer’s market and shop at the Oldest Continuously Operated Farmers’ Market in North America.

Halifax has two farmers markets it is quite famous for, and it is worthy of exploring. The original one was founded in the year 1750, the oldest farmers market in North America. It is open once a week and should not be missed out on. You will love to buy Canadian staples, local honey, maple syrup, and even local spirits. That centuries-old Halifax market has grown over the years. You will find the fresh and local quality of the food which is worth buying.

Go Canoeing in Halifax

Canoeing is a common pastime activity in Canada, especially Halifax. The Halifax Harbor is a great place to try this activity and enjoy the waterfront and the city itself. Clear days make it more enjoyable and are recommended by the locals to canoe on the days when the wind is calm as the windy days can flip right into the harbor.

But here’s a little Halifax budget tip to all you adventurers that they rent canoes for free! If you venture to the peninsula to a skinny harbor known as the Northwest Arm, you’ll come to St. Mary’s Boat Club, which provides free canoe ride rentals during weekends!

It’s a relaxing and calming paddle through the sailboat-filled harbor along the coastline and the beautiful residential areas that you can witness during. You can even paddle across the Northwest Arm to Sir Sanford Fleming Park and briefly stop your canoe to take in the views of the city. Then you can have a roam along the park’s waterfront trails or climb to the top of Dingle Tower, which further offers free admission.

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