Places to travel in Asia in 2022

You know Asia is the most diverse continent in the world? Also, home to many ancient civilizations? Yes! Just like diversity in culture, you will feel the beauty of nature! So whether you are a history buff or nature enthusiastic, or adventure lover, Asia is the best place for you! Asia got everything you may require while travelling. Lush tropical forests to amazing mouth-watering food. So in this blog, we created a list compiled with the est location names! Let’s start!

Best luxuries cities to visit 

Asia includes the best cities in the world where you can start your unforgettable journey. Feel the vibrant nightlife in Hanoi City of Vietnam. In this city, you will notice a mixed culture with modern evaluation. You might have heard about Chiang Mai, Thailand? We all know the tales of Thailand’s nightlife! All lights, food, entertainment, luxury items, etc., are available. TheSmartLocal is here with some awesome travel packages for you! You can visit Kuala Lumpur, the skyscraper city in Malaysia. Mumbai, the business capital of India, has the Bollywood vibe waiting for you. Visit Singapore to explore the best nightlife in the world. Hong Kong is known for its best shopping, food, and entertainment. We have given you a long list of luxury cities, so choose accordingly.

Best historical places for history buffs

Are you a history buff? Then Asia is the best place for you. Explore the ancient cities of the Indus Valley civilization. It’s in Pakistan and India. You can visit Buddha’s birthplace in Nepal. Or how about exploring Javanese Caves? Where ancient Homo Sapiens started their journey. You might have heard about the great wall of China. So Asia is a blend of the stone age, ancient period, and medieval period. Do you love medieval castles? Then visit Udaipur and Chittorgarh of Rajasthan, India. You will feel the majestic aura there. Visit Indonesia for ancient Hindu-Buddhist mix patronage. The Smart Local is offering the best historical packages for history buffs! Visit the Jerusalem of West Asia to explore the patronage of three Abrahamic religions. Visit the tomb of Jesus Christ. 

Best beaches for water babies

In Asia, there is a rally of amazing islands. Explore the white sandy beaches with The Smart Local. If you are travelling for the first time, then Phi Phi island in Thailand is the best place to visit. Or you can visit the Bali islands of Indonesia. There are countless options! Explore the combination of sea and mountain in Goa, India. Or you can visit Andaman Nicobar Islands for an underwater drive. Visit Boracay of The Philippines! If you are a water baby, then do visit Asia in 2022. The Covid-19 protocols are given relaxation after January. Visit Railay beach of Krabi to see the limestone cliff around the island. See the largest marine sanctuary in the Philippines. It’s a protected area.

Best destinations for adventure lovers

Want to go on an adventure? Then Asia is the best place to visit for wonder lovers! Visit Som Doong Cave for an adventure ride! Asia covers most of the lands of Earth. So technically, there are lots of places to explore! Visit Komodo National Park to see the Komodo dragons. You only find these giant lizards in Asia. Explore Lake Toba of North Sumatra Island for an adventure ride. Or the Chocolate Hills of the Philippines! You can visit Mt Bromo of Java or Start Trekking in the Himalayan hills! Or Visit Japan, the country with a rapid earthquake. The Smart Local provides the best packages for an adventure ride! Visit the green jungles or visit the Thor desert of Asia.


After two years of the pandemic, why not plan our trip for 2022? All Asian countries are opening their international flights for foreigners. But make sure you are double vaccinated! Not only that, Asian countries are offering exciting’s deals while travelling. So why not you plan your tour this year? After two years of home isolation and Covid-19 protocols, our soul is just drained. So why not now plan our trip to Asia? Also, do you know Asia provides somehow the cheapest vacation charges? Yes! You don’t have to spend millions there. Visit Asia this year for some exciting opportunities.

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