Top 6 Php Development Tools To Speed Up Your Development In 2022

PHP is the most popular mainstream programming language on the web today, powering everything from small personal blogs to large corporate web applications and web services. You can use this scripting language for a variety of different purposes, including building web applications, Rapid Application Development (RAD) frameworks, and even games. One of the most exciting parts of PHP is how much momentum it has gained in recent years. Comparing it to other languages makes it exciting to see how far it’s come.

On the other hand, the number of PHP developers is constantly increasing. This is good news for PHP because it means that more and more people are learning about its advantages and specialties. Consequently, more open source projects are being developed with PHP than ever before. 

Because of its widespread use, PHP has spawned an entire ecosystem of PHP-focused development tools, including editors, debuggers, profilers, libraries, and more. This article will provide a high-level overview of the PHP ecosystem, with an overview of popular tools and frameworks. 

Php Development Tools


The most popular PHP development tool, PHPStorm, is a modern, extensible PHP IDE. PHPStorm is designed to make working with PHP easier and more productive by providing features such as code completion, live error assistance, code analysis, and more. It is compatible with popular PHP frameworks like Zend Framework, Yii, Laravel, CakePHP, and more, and with CMS like Drupal, Magento, and WordPress. 

Because it is so popular, you can ensure that a good version of PHPStorm is available for your platform. PHPStorm is the IDE of choice for PHP developers who demand the best for their code: real-time error monitoring, advanced refactoring, smart code completion, unit testing, and so much more. And all this is available for free and open-source!

Zend Studio

Zend Studio is a commercial, proprietary integrated development environment from Zend that provides a complete set of tools for building robust PHP web applications. It is a full-featured PHP IDE and extensible framework, allowing you to develop and extend your projects in a single, integrated platform.

To automate your development workflow, Zend Studio offers a built-in web server and debugger, a visual editor, a unit testing framework, and a full-featured API documentation generator. Moreover, it provides a complete development environment for PHP, including a WYSIWYG HTML editor, a CSS/JS/PHP editor, a PHP console, a unit testing framework, and a source code editor. 

You can use Zend Studio to build robust PHP applications, websites, and APIs confidently.


Developed by IBM, Eclipse is one of the most beloved PHP development tools that you can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac to build a PHP website. It is the second best-known PHP development tool. Basically, it is a plugin-based IDE, which means that you need to install a plugin to use it with PHP. 

Once you have installed the plugin, you can use all of the features of the IDE. Eclipse is the go-to tool for PHP development, and it has support for the most popular PHP frameworks, including Zend Framework, Yii, Laravel, CakePHP, and some CMS like Drupal Magento and WordPress.

The number one reason PHP developers choose to use PHP Eclipse is its speed. It is incredibly fast, so it saves you precious development time. It also offers several other great features, such as PHP syntax highlighting, code completion, and on-the-fly error checking. Best of all, it is FREE.


PHP development tool Laravel is a PHP framework that is rapidly becoming the most popular option for web developers looking to create dynamic websites. Laravel provides an elegant and simple syntax for developing web applications while also providing ample power for advanced users.  

It includes a database abstraction layer, a web service abstraction layer, and a command-line interface, enabling you to build web applications with a minimum of code rapidly. If you are looking to build production-ready web applications with Laravel, look no further than PHPStorm, the official IDE for Laravel. With PHPStorm, you can edit, test, and build Laravel applications without leaving the editor.


Netbeans is a popular Java IDE that also works great with PHP. It’s the go-to tool for many PHP developers, and for a good reason. It offers a near-complete PHP environment right out of the box, making it an excellent choice for rapid development. It also provides a powerful debugging toolset, which is essential for finding and removing PHP errors. It also comes with a built-in web server and database server, making it a great choice for building and testing web applications.

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is a powerful set of tools for web developers who work with PHP. It provides a complete environment for creating, building, testing, and deploying PHP applications. It includes the most popular PHP tools and frameworks, together with powerful code autocompletion, navigation and search, and seamless debugging. 

It provides a great programming experience so you can focus on what matters most: creating great apps and websites. Aptana Studio for PHP is the most powerful development environment for PHP. Using Aptana Studio’s rich feature set, you can build web applications of any complexity, from small single-page applications to large-scale web services.


Many amazing libraries, IDEs, and PHP development tools are out there to make your web application development faster, reliable, and scalable. However, you need to hire PHP developers to choose and work with the right PHP development tool specific to your project. Hiring PHP developers who are well-versed with the most popular development tools can make your project hassle-free. 

So, if you want to hire dedicated PHP developers, I would highly recommend consulting Kody Technolab, a renowned PHP development company with an excellent developer workforce.

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